July 26, 2012

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  • I heard Graham and Campbell over the monitor and I was sure that it was time to wake up.  I didn't realize that it was still middle of the night until I walked past a window and then back tracked to check the time (2 am).  Graham had a wet bed so I had to fix that and calm Campbell down.  She is such a light sleep that she is always woken up when someone else wakes up.  Later Graham called me back upstairs to fix his covers-I tried to elbow Robby but he was sound asleep.
  • When everyone did wake up, it didn't take too long for everyone to get their clothes on.  Of course, Campbell's blessed pink shorts were in the wash.  She kept crying to me "get them out" and "they dry" but alas she had to wear a skirt that I had to pin her down to put on her.
  • As everyone else was walking out the door to get in the car, I snatched Keaton out of bed.  Her little teeth must have bothered her this morning because she wasn't her happy content self.  Or maybe she was just jealous of having to share her Grannymom time with Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Josh and Zach.  And yes, I did drop my kids of at Grannymom's house to go to work leaving her with 7 kids-though I really didn't think about all of that until I was back in the car!  They all survived though and things seemed peaceful when I walked back in.
  • After an early lunch, we all loaded up and headed downtown to go through the nature center and then to the museum of discovery.  The kids had a blast at both places.  We do have a science center pass from our Space Camp visit which makes our museum of discovery visits free so we will be going back.
  • The favorites were: the bed of nails (Anderson), the castle type room for little kids (Reagan), the scarf blowing things (Campbell), the bones (me) and the pulley chairs (Graham).  I might should have even counted today as a  school day since it was an educational type trip-though I did make them to their phonics at Grannymom's house and then their math tonight (mean, mean, I'm mean like that-though no one really seemed to mind especially since I told them we wouldn't have to do those things tomorrow).
  • Campbell fell asleep on the way home, Keaton drank her milk and I tried to keep Graham up for our Sonic stop on the way home.  We were all hot, tired and needed a sonic fix.  Reagan said "I just wish we could stop for a drink" and when I told her we were, she thanked and thanked me.
  • At home, they played, watched a movie, had supper and then we went outside to work on Graham's party stuff.  We did a bit of last minute raking and table moving before the big shin dig tomorrow.  The kids were shower worthy when we came in so we had to hose everyone off and then send them to bed-and not a peep was heard from them tonight.       

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