July 20, 2012

I love 'em!
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  • Graham climbed in our bed around 4 this morning.  He laid there for a minute and then he sat straight up and walked to the door.  I asked him where he was going and he said "I don't know."  He left and went down the hall and as I was about to get up and check on him, I heard the fridge door open.  He returned with his cup of milk, drank it all, handed the empty cup to me and then went right on back to sleep.
  • I had the kids do quite a few chores this morning-I am still acting like the queen around here as Anderson mentioned yesterday.  I was even able to work on everyone's school for a bit.  Campbell did take the time to quickly text Robby.   It went something like this "arlgkjal;tgkja;lrekhg;la" and Robby responded with "hello?"  I guess he thought that whoever had wrote that would be able to read his "hello?"
  • We had lunch and then Robby, Grannymom and Grandpa all arrived at the same time.  Reagan and I then loaded up and headed out.  I was taking her to meet and play with Kennedy.  On the way, Reagan was talking about Kennedy's glasses.  Reagan said "some people just look good in glasses.  I don't.  I tried Kennedy's glasses on and I just looked like a library lady."  And later she added, maybe that is what I should do when I grow up.
  • When I returned from my hair cut, Anderson told me that my hair looked fancy.  I replied with "ooh, we better go out to eat somewhere fancy then tonight."  And then he added "I meant to say you look like a dork."  Really?  That's why he will be locked in his room tomorrow.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa hung out until Robby came home and then we all went to go and eat pizza.  Graham is my pizza eater and gobbled his down.  Keaton would be right behind him as she put quite a bit away as well.  When the drinks were served, Anderson was not pleased with his water.  I told him that we could choose having big vacations or drinking coke when we go out to eat.  I then said "so what do you want, big vacations or coke?"  And he replied with "Sprite."
  • On the way to pick up Reagan after supper, we stopped by a cozy little place in Maumelle for shakes-the Valero gas station.  Ha!  Not many people get their stroller out to go to the gas station and then sit in the booths to eat their shakes.  Pretty cool little machine that makes the shakes right in front of you.
  • Reagan was at Kennedy's house swimming away.  That child can swim under the water in the shallow end without holding her nose.  She also can swim the length of the pool and back using the snorkel.  She was so proud of herself.  
  • On the way home, Robby told Graham that we would give him a dollar if he could stay awake on the way home. Graham can be quite a bear if he is woken up.  Anderson said that he would stay up all night long if someone would give him a dollar.  That didn't happen tonight but we have promised the kids that they can stay up all night one day in our new den.  
  • Everyone was tired tonight and as Robby and I sat down to do our blogs, Robby's computer has stared smoking so we will see if the pictures make it up tonight or now.  But I think that I did fix the missing link from last night.

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