July 18, 2012

Annual Nutrition Study Visit!
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  • Graham did not want to eat his breakfast this morning because he wanted to eat it in the car-he knew he was going to the Nutrition Center today and thought that he needed to eat breakfast on the "long car ride" to Children's Hospital.  So he bagged up his poptart while the others ate.
  • I dropped everyone else off at Grannymom's house.  Reagan and Anderson had an assignment to color something to put in the front of their notebooks for school (so I can tell them apart).  Campbell fussed when I left-she is too big for that but had forgotten about me and Graham by the time we walked out of the door.
  • At Grannymoms, the kids played in the back yard a bit, swang on the swing, worked a puzzle, played on the ipad, watched some tv, colored some pictures, sat on the potty (Campbell), made a present for Graham (Reagan made a cute pirate hat), had lunch and no naps (but that is fine since the little girls slept all afternoon well).
  • Meanwhile in the other side of town, Graham was wowing the Nutrition Center ladies with his smile.  So much so that they even filmed him to be on a commercial for the hospital.  My guy was perfect and did everything that was asked.  He weighed 42 pounds and 41 inches.  He laid perfectly still when asked for the tests and tolerated brain lab.  He did turn to me at least 5 times and say "Momma, are we almost finished with this?"  We were able to play in the play room for awhile and he loved climbing on everything.  They gave us a huge lunch and then it was time for psych testing.  Graham started off great and did perfect the whole time but by the end he got pretty antsy (what 3 year old wouldn't?)  When it was over, he was so happy to pick out a prize from the front desk.
  • We picked everyone up from Grannymom's house and then went home.  The little girls slept and the 3 big kids and I played a few games.  Then I worked on school stuff and hanging up our coats.  (We are slowly getting things into order around here-shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer!)
  • Robby came home bearing 3 icees for the kids.  He told Graham it was for his good job today as the Nutrition Center.  And then he went on and on about how Graham was going to famous due to his commercial shoot.  And when Robby said that people would ask for Graham's autograph you should have seen that boy smile.  Robby continued to be silly about our new movie star and Anderson laughed and laughed and then he added "Daddy, that is making my ankles wiggle."  I do not understand my kids sometimes!
  • Later Anderson asked if he had ever met Robby's principal.  We were confused until Anderson added "the principal that works on the top floor."  No, Anderson has never met Robby's principal (boss).
  • After supper, the kids went outside for few minutes.  I watched them from the window some...but tonight I vaguely remember a stain of red on Graham's shirt and then I found a popsicle wrapper in the drive way.  Did he sneak a popsicle out of the outside freezer?  Hmm, he must have had help if he did.  Very interesting little puzzle for me.  If it happened once it will happen again-hope they like the broccoli flavored popsicles I am making now (insert evil laugh),
  • Anderson was the last one in and spent quite a bit of time walking around by himself after playing in the dirt alone.  Robby said that he didn't like them playing all alone but it is probably good for them every once in awhile.  He did soon join everyone else-everyone was watching Robby and I clean/rearrange our room and the school room.  Seven people in one room of a house-all together-the way it should be.

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