July 30, 2012

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  • Well Christmas came early this morning-Graham was the first one to remember that we had said we would put the bikes together last night.  So when Robby headed out this morning, everyone followed wearing their pajamas.  They rode for a bit before breakfast and were crazy hot before coming in.
  • Here is the run down of our bike riding skills: Graham-should be called Speedy Graham, no fear and hops off quickly when bike is about to fall.  Anderson-a bit slower than Graham but probably the best rider.  Reagan-hasn't had much biking practice so her little legs can barely take her anywhere.  Much improvement during the day though.  Campbell-well, we knew she couldn't ride her bike since she can't peddle and it is even a bit big for her.  But we couldn't have not gotten her one-she would have been crushed.  She loves pushing it around following the others.  
  • We cooled off inside with breakfast and then school.  Anderson has a long list of his sight words that he is reading well-trying to have him read them a few times each day.  Graham has a few letters and sounds that he is reviewing on the board.  Campbell goes over Graham's letters but really needs to be working on her colors (poor uneducated, unpotty trained child).  Reagan is just thrilled about her Olympic medal graphs that we will start tomorrow.
  • After school, we had lunch and read a few books.  Still reading the Magic Tree house books-Anderson and Reagan are hooked.  We then all did our chores together with a bit of fingernail clipping/painting.  Campbell was so happy that I painted Keaton's toes.  Soon it was naptime and I scurried around working while everyone was quiet/sleeping.  
  • At 4, I woke everyone up and started reading a few stories.  Soon Robby was home and we had supper.  Tried baked potatoes again-Graham still had none of his but Reagan and Anderson gobbled it up.  Campbell did eat some more of hers today.  And of course, Keaton eats anything in front of her.  If 4 out of 5 Dennie kids like a meal, it is a keeper.  
  • Then outside for more bike riding.  We walked down the street aways a few times and they all improved.  Of course, everyone was happy to come in for popsicles when we finally finished.  Campbell spent most of her bike riding time tonight pushing her bike, riding in the stroller, telling Graham to slow down, telling Reagan to turn around and pushing Anderson up the incline.  She stayed quite busy.  And during popsicle time, Keaton grabbed Reagan's popsicle (Reagan had been giving her bites).  Keaton would not let go and then successfully finished off the entire popsicle-she was a sticky mess when it was over but she was a happy, sticky mess.
  • Then it was time for a showers and pajamas.  We haven't heard from anyone since laying them down-oh, well, I guess we did forget to get the monitor out!  Oooops!

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