Disney Day 6 and The Road Home: July 5, 2012

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When we went to bed last night, Robby looked up to see when Magic Kingdom opened this morning and of course, it opened at 8.  We knew that there was no way for us to make it there that early since the kids were so exhausted and because we had to load up the van.  We did get around pretty quickly and after getting dressed said bye to Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly, Cash and Jenna-that was all of the family that we could find.  The boys were said that they didn't get to say bye to Zach and Joshua but when I said that they would be in Little Rock for the week soon, they were delighted.
We knew that today would be busy at the park but we had no idea.  It was the most crowded that Robby and I had ever seen.  I can not explain how crowded-but we were able to still do everything we wanted to do.  Probably helps that we have been a few times and no how to work the system a bit.
For example, the line for the ferry boat and the monorail to Magic Kingdom was nuts.  At least a 30 minute wait and then packed on the monorail.  But Robby saw the sign for the resort monorails and we walked up and jumped on it.  We were in a car by ourselves and after 2 stops we were dropped off at the Magic Kingdom.  The kids so love riding the monorails-who doesn't though?
Once at the gate, Robby passed out the cards as usual and we were moving along down Main Street.  I get so tickled at Campbell-Ms. Independent.  She knows exactly what to do with her card and does just as well as the other kids.  Now her card is not official since she doesn't yet have to a ticket to enter.  Anyway, because her card is not for real the turnstile doesn't turn and she has to go under it each time.  This does not please her-she does it but only after much pushing on the turnstile trying to get it to turn.
Robby headed to get a fast pass for Splash Mountain but it was not working so he did get a pass for Thunder Mountain.  While he did this, we waited on Main Street.  We put on our sunscreen and I chatted up the picture taking lady about when the best time to come to Disney World was.  She said September is still hot, early December is now crowded and she thought that January was the best time to come now.  I said that we had been there in January and it was cold!  Our goal is to find the perfect crowd and weather time to come to Disney.  
Our first stop was the Goofy roller coaster called the Barnstormer.  Surprisingly, there was not a line so the big 4 rode it 3 times switching out between Robby and me.  Then we went to Dumbo-inside is a playground.  The kids had rode this with Grannymom the other day and they didn't stop to play and had been begging to go play.  I had assumed that it was a little play area but was surprised to see that it was a huge climbing and slide area.  We were there quite awhile because it was pretty neat-slides made noises as you went down, lots of nets, lights and music.  
We rode Dumbo and then everyone but Robby and Keaton caught the train to the other side of the park.  Robby pushed Keaton while hauling the second double stroller across the entire park.  He stopped to get fast passes on his way.  While we were enjoying the train, someone asked if Daddy wanted to walk.  I tried to explain that he was trying to make things easier for us.  But I don't know if they even heard me because by that time the train was moving and they were busy enjoying the ride.  
The big kids and I rode Thunder Mountain.  They love roller coasters and try their best to keep their hands raised the entire time.  (I try to but that is a pretty good arm workout!)  Robby, Campbell and Keaton bought themselves some slushys and were enjoying them while waiting on us.  
Next up was lunch at Liberty Tavern.  Since we were on the dining plan we had a few snacks and quick service meals to use up-8 snacks and 7 quick service meals to be exact.  And we did it!  Now we did bring home 2 turkey sandwiches that Robby and I had for supper, 2 bags of cotton candy that the kids ate at the hotel tonight, a bottle of orange juice and 2 cinnamon rolls (one of which Robby and I just ate as a midnight snack-it is almost midnight!)
After lunch, we had a ride spree-first was Winnie the Pooh and then Small World.  We thought about skipping Small World because of the 30 minute line time but then we decided that no Disney visit is complete without a Small World ride.  After that we went to Philharmagic and watched that 3D movie.  The kids are so funny to watch-they try to grab everything.  Reagan looked at me and with all seriousness said "I almost had it!"  Peter Pan was the next ride and today even the fast pass lines were long-they moved fairly quickly but still it was just way too crowded.  Wouldn't have been surprised if they had closed the park for a bit.  After Peter Pan we did the carousel.  Keaton couldn't ride because she was sleeping and I would have had to turn her around so I hopped off-I didn't want to wake her up.  Though I did hold Keaton while she was sleeping for probably another hour and when she woke up my shirt was drenched from me and her sweating on each other.

Next we walked towards the people mover ride and rode it.  Robby was ahead of us checking on getting another fast pass and Graham told me that he knew where the ride was because he had rode it the other day.  He then directed me to where to go and was so proud when we arrived.  The people mover is always one of my favorite rides-no line, slow, has a breeze, long enough to rest-what more could you ask for out of a ride.  
After the people mover, we had our second lunch at Starlight Cafe.  As we were waiting on Robby, someone spilled their drink right in front of us.  That must have been contagious because a bit later Campbell spilled our coke.  Our spill was under the table so it didn't make too big of a commotion.  After finishing, we went to ride Buzz one last time before heading back towards home.
We rode Buzz and then saw that he was out taking pictures.  The kids and I got in that line while Robby went to get the strollers that we had parked before riding the people mover. He was gone for awhile and returned with one but said he couldn't find the other and went off to look again.  And this time he was gone for even longer-occasionally, I could see him walk by or see him from a distance and he was still looking.  Probably after a 20 minute search (we were still in the Buzz line) we found the second stroller.  I was already going over in my head what all I would lose if we couldn't find our stroller!  Thankfully it was found just far, far away from where we had parked it!  That is why people put balloons on their strollers so they can spot them easily!
Lunch 3 (or supper 1) was next on Main Street.  We had an ice cream sandwich and cinnamon rolls (and some other things but I really just remember the good stuff!)  And now it was time for our Disney days to come to an end.  Sad, sad!  We have already been planning our next Disney trip-things we would do again and things we would do differently.  
I was disappointed that we never had a time for the girls to wear their Minnie dresses but we never knew that we were going to see Minnie.  Reagan was fine with it and I am sure that Campbell will not put on any dress for me for a long time after the Cinderella dress fiasco.  The kids enjoyed the pin trading and Reagan really loved it.  It was good for the kids to go up and talk to an adult so I did like that.  The autographs (which I dreaded) worked out really well too.  Reagan was trying to write her name in cursive today just like all of her autographs.
After a short monorail ride back to the parking lot we were on our way.  Of course there was a bathroom stop first!  Oh and when the monorail stopped in the contemporary, the kids were shocked that we were inside of a building.  
We stopped once at a rest stop and then I passed new sticker books for everyone.  Campbell busied herself putting the stickers on herself.  Robby would tell her to put them on her book and she would shout back "no way."  That child also said that she saw buffalo on our drive to Valdosta, where our hotel is tonight.  On the last trip we did see buffalo but I guess she has no gotten them confused with cows!  
When we were near the hotel, Robby asked everyone what their favorite was and Reagan and Anderson said Everest.  Graham liked Thunder Mountain and Campbell said the roller coaster.  Then she said, "I screamed on the roller coaster."  Silly girl!
Our hotel tonight is undergoing some renovations so when we drove up we thought it was closed.  But soon saw the sign that check in was in the back.  While driving around, we got so tickled because in every window you could see major construction going on and I was getting worried that we wouldn't have a room here tonight.  They have finished a few floors and we are on one of them-though it does smell like paint and some of the baseboards are missing.  I was talking to the kids about how they were still working on this hotel and was trying to point out the baseboards.  I couldn't think of the name and Graham said "you mean baseboards."  He can remember anything (just not his letters).  Later he felt the baseboards in our room and shouted "they are made of carpet."  
After some cotton candy for everyone, they spent most of the evening coloring and playing cars.  Then we got everyone to lay down.  I had originally put Anderson by Campbell but that didn't work out at all and Anderson had to be moved.  Keaton went to sleep pretty easily and no, she isn't in her pack n play.  We figured there was no reason to bring it in since she would end up sleeping with us anyway.  
We have a bit of a drive tomorrow but lots more to see!

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