July 14, 2012

Yep, they're Dennies!
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  • Anderson must be starving every morning when he wakes up because all he wants to talk about is when we are going to eat breakfast.  Maybe I could teach him how to make his own breakfast-and everyone else's breakfast too.
  • We had pancakes this morning (don't be impressed they were frozen).  Then the kids played for a bit while we picked up some.  Before too long Grannymom and Grandpa were over.  There was quite a to do list today-add some trim to the bathroom, hang blinds, clean out the rocks and install an outdoor sink.  
  • We started inside since it was kind of dreary and eventually moved outside to the front rocky flower bed.  I had never seen my Dennie kids work so hard-they picked up bucket after bucket of rocks.  Seriously, it was very helpful today.  
  • Dana, Cash and Lilly came over and we did all stop for lunch.  After lunch, Robby and Grandpa worked on some concrete that was in the soon to be flower bed.  After all of that was loaded on the trailer, it was time to haul the trailer away to dump it....all except now the trailer was too heavy and couldn't go over the sidewalk bump (and making ruts in the yard).  
  • It finally took the truck with everyone standing in the back to lower it to get the trailer on the truck to haul it to the other side of the yard to dump.  We were crossing our fingers that the truck didn't get stuck in the yard.  It did not but later in the day with just Robby and I working, the tractor and the trailer did almost get stuck at the bottom of the yard.  The trailer was full of bags of grout (very heavy-Robby felt his bad wrist pop) and bricks.  His wheels spun a bit and when he tried to restart the trailer it didn't.  He had just added his last bit of gasoline to it and it wasn't out of gas but the battery just needed jumping.  Thankfully he quickly jumped it and it worked.  I was not looking forward to pushing the tractor and pulling the trailer up the hill to the shed.
  • Lily and Reagan laid out all of Reagan's dollhouse stuff.  They had an elaborate scene and probably could have played for quite a long time.  The boys chose tractors to play with when they were in the toy room.  But the boys spent most of their time outside.
  • Anderson really likes going over to the neighbors yard.  I don't like him going over there-there is only one boy who is 5 and the rest are 8+.  Too big of boys for my little one to be hanging with.  Graham did venture over there today when he saw Anderson on the trampoline.  Graham never goes over there.  He will play with them when they are at our house but must know they are too big for him to play with.
  • Campbell's favorite thing on our outside days it to drive the tractor.  You should see her smile when she is driving-though about after 3 she did little smiling and much more fussing since she was in dire need of a nap.  Keaton didn't like the stroller this morning but was pretty happy riding in the wagon.  She has become quite the eater.
  • After our long outside day, it was finally time to hose everyone off.  Keaton just crawled right in that little shower between the girls and stayed there until the boys were out.  They were all so exhausted tonight and after working a puzzle everyone was fast asleep.  
  • Though the tooth fairy better stay up a bit because Reagan lost another tooth this afternoon and is so proud.  I think that makes number 8 for her to lose.  I wonder what that tooth fairy will bring for her tonight.

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