July 22, 2012

7th Inning Stretch....
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  • This morning as we were getting ready, Graham told me that he likes Sunday school now.  He added that they play, do their crafts and then do some more crafts and then have a story.  I sure am glad that he has finally decided that he likes Sunday school since there are only 3 or 4 more Sundays before promotion.
  • As I was getting ready this morning, Campbell saw me coming out of our new bathroom and closet and she looked up at me and asked "you get ready outside?"  She still thinks of all of our addition as being outside.  I guess in her little mind, I was standing outside in the grass putting on my clothes this morning.
  • And speaking of putting on clothes, apparently we should work a bit more with Graham on putting on his clothes.  His Sunday school teachers noticed that his shoes were on the wrong feet and they fixed that.  (At least he had two shoes-he only had one on a Sunday last year).  But then they noticed that his pants were on backwards and fixed those as well.  Poor child-most days he wears his underwear backwards too.
  • We brought Kennedy home with us after church.  We had our pizza for lunch and then everyone played all afternoon.  They played with lots of toys upstairs by the looks of the toy room, painted, colored, had a snack, watched a movie and finally had supper.  The little girls had their naps while I did a bit of school work (first day is tomorrow!)  
  • Then we loaded up and headed to the Traveler's ball game.  The kids had a blast eating some ice cream, rolling around in the grass and watching the game for a bit.  The boys were more interested in the game than the girls.  Reagan asked "what are we supposed to do here?"  Anderson really wanted to catch a fly ball but we were way in the back so that didn't happen tonight.  
  • Keaton enjoyed crawling around trying her best to get off the blanket and onto the grass so she could eat it!  But she also made a bee line to Robby when she saw that he had ice cream.  But my favorite part of the night was when they had everyone stand and sing "take me out to the ball game."  The kids all stood up, put their arms around each other and swayed-precious.
  • We then dropped Kennedy off and headed home.  Robby picked up a bit of supper for us and we quickly washed the kids.  Rolling around on the grass was already bothering Anderson.  A bit of a bedtime snack, milk and then bed!

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