July 23, 2012

Celebrating #4 early at Nonna & Pops
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(click here of a video of Graham celebrating his 4th birthday at Nonna & Pops)
(click here for a video of Anderson doing his sight words on the 1st day of Kindergarten)
  • Since today was the first day of homeschool for the year around here, everyone decided that they would sleep in. Robby told everyone bye at 8:20 and they were still snoozing after my shower.  My goal was to start school at 9 but we started a bit later.
  • Probably since Thursday I had been on a laundry strike and daily Campbell had asked me about her "red shorts" (which are actually pink).  Each day I have explained that they were in the washing machine and she has not been happy with me.  So last night as I folded them I put them on top of the clean laundry pile.  As I went upstairs to wake everyone up, I handed them to her.  Campbell just hugged those shorts.  I didn't have to convince her to get ready this morning-I even let her wear her red mickey shirt with those pink shorts.  I know it doesn't match but it does make her so happy.
  • I will post all about what we are going to do at school this year in another post.  But everyone did really well.  Surprisingly well.  Last year, most of my time was centered around Reagan so I was worried if we could get it all done with me dividing my time between Reagan and Anderson plus keeping Campbell, Graham and Keaton occupied.  But we completed everything we needed to and were done by lunch.  And I was also concerned about Anderson-I didn't want to push him to hard and expect him to do what Reagan could do last year.  He does know less sight words and is further behind her in his reading book but he did excellent on his math and phonics.  Anyway, it all went very, very well...but tomorrow will be another day!
  • After school, Campbell kept asking me to go outside and I kept telling her no.  Finally, I realized that she wanted to go upstairs to the new den.  Since Keaton was still sleeping, we decided to go up.  As we were climbing the steps, Campbell turned to me and asked "why me no touch walls?"  I tried to explain that Daddy didn't want her to mess the paint up on the new walls.  
  • We had lunch and Keaton can put the food away.  She probably eats more than some of the other kids.  Today for lunch and supper, she had baked beans.  She loves them and I have to give her any and all of her other food first so she will eat them.  
  • Since the kids were all busy with school this morning, they were anxious to get upstairs to play this afternoon.  They played so well that I hated to put Campbell down for her afternoon nap-but I sure did!  Then I had a little present for Reagan, Anderson and Graham for doing so well in school today.  I gave Reagan a doll sticker book and the boys received airplanes.  
  • Those silly boys ran around this house all afternoon playing airplanes.  They even made a huge runway for their airplanes and played with it for almost an hour.  They had a control tower set up and different pictures around the room were different places they were flying too.
  • At 4 I made everyone pick up the toy room and then we headed to Nonna's house for supper.  The kids were nice and calm at Nonnas and enjoyed playing before supper.  After supper, Nonna had huge birthday cupcake for Graham's 4th birthday party.  He smiled from ear to ear while waiting to blow out his candles.  
  • When we made it home, the kids played a bit longer and then we put everyone to bed.  Anderson is coughing some but they are finally quiet.  At first they were pretty wild-hopefully, everyone has calmed down now.

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