July 21, 2012

Drinking ice cream thru a straw!
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  • Reagan, aka Sleeping Beauty, slept until after 9.  She slept so late that the kids kept asking where she was.  Everyone else had been up quite a while-at least 2 hours and probably longer.  The boys are now in the routine of trying to convince me that they are starving from the very minute that they wake up.  So I drug myself to the garage to find a new box of waffles for Anderson quite early this morning.
  • I gave Keaton a whole waffle cut up into tiny pieces this morning and then left the room.  I came back just a few minutes later and all of her food was gone.  I was quite surprised and figuring it was because she hadn't had her milk yet she was just hungry.  I even said "wow, you ate all of your food already?" And Campbell who was standing nearby piped up and said "no, I ate it."  That Campbell left the waffle on her plate and ate all of Keaton's waffle.  
  • We started working on our messy hall closet this morning.  It has become such a hodge podge that everything we pick up goes some where different in the house.  We were slowly making progress in the closet and even got out my shower curtain to hang in the hall bath.  Still need to hang my pretty that I painted for that room which I had stuck in that room.  
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa came over with a load of dirt for the new front flower bed.  The kids again were all about helping.  Imagine trying to shovel dirt with a stroller a foot away plus four kids all swinging shovels and rakes around you.  It makes shoveling dirt quite a dangerous job.  Everyone survived and the kids managed to help for a bit and then we distracted them with popsicles, juice boxes and cookies.  They continued to work some all day long and we continued distracting them with more food, movies and even spraying the water hose at them.
  • Now we did venture to the garden place down the street 3 times today.  The first visit was Robby and Grandpa picking up more dirt and as they were halfway down the driveway, Anderson said that he wanted to go and added that he could catch them.  Of course, that child couldn't have caught them and he just cried.  
  • Fortunately, for Anderson we were going back and this trip was alot more fun.  We got to ride in a golf cart around while we picked up lots of plants for the flower bed.  Graham and Reagan accompanied Grannymom, Anderson and me.  I wish I had thought of taking a picture of them but they had the best time-we will have to go back just to drive around.
  • Later Graham was able to return with Dana, Campbell and me.  (Dana was recruited to come and help at some point during the afternoon). We were in need of some more plants and some stones.  This trip was not as much fun but we were still able to ride in the golf cart.  Campbell kept asking where we had left Grandpa's truck, if we were going back and wasn't quite settled in the golf cart.  But she sure did love touching all rocks on the gravel parking lot and then washing her hands in each and every fountain.  This time we had to wait awhile in the heat to load the stones so we came back hot, hot, hot.
  • Once we were finished with our landscaping, I hosed most of the kids down while Robby and Reagan went to get icees for everyone.  Then we all loaded up and went to Garden Ridge to get the bench to complete our new flower bed.  By the time we came home, Campbell and Graham were asleep.  
  • We woke them up and started cooking supper.  We made pizza and it was kind of crazy since Campbell and Graham woke up on the wrong side of the car seat!  They all enjoyed making the crust and everyone was very serious and did good with topping their pizzas.  
  • While the pizzas were cooking, the kids also made ice cream in zip lock bags.  They shook and shook their bags full of ice and after a few minutes in the freezer, most of them had ice cream.  Campbell did have ice soup and ate her ice cream with a straw.
  • Their bellies were full when they were give a few more minutes to play before bedtime.  Then I gave everyone the choice to help me clean the toy room or go to bed.  Reagan and Anderson chose going to bed and Campbell and Graham picked cleaning up.  (Keaton was already snoozing away).  Surprisingly, my helpers did pretty good picking up.
  • After tucking them in, I heard the doorbell ring and Robby talking.  I scurried down the steps thinking the door to door sales people from early today had returned.  It was Dana and Jenna coming to see the house (Jenna) and to reinspect our final works.  The kids heard us talking downstairs and knew someone was here.  I had to go up to remind them to go to sleep.  After my third trip up the stairs, I offered the first person to fall asleep a quarter.  We will see who claims the quarter in the morning!

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