November 1, 2012

Oh yeah! Fall Party!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning started out on time but our plans to take everyone to Grannymom's house first didn't pan out so we had to drop Graham off at school first.  This was fine with Graham because he was ready to get inside for his fall party-he didn't really understand that it would be the last thing that happened today.  
  • After dropping off everyone, I headed to my office and then to see a kid.  Robby headed to pay some taxes and then back home to work.  And before too long, it was time for me to head to Graham's party.  
  • As I walked in to his class, I heard Ms. Stacy say "wash your hands and sit down at the table" and who do you think was the only one sitting at the table?  My Grahammer!  Later, she told everyone to sit on the carpet and other kids were playing around but not my Graham, he sat there quiet and still.  I would dare say, the best one in the class! (not biased at all!)
  • The party was fun-cupcakes, punch and games.  My favorite part of the party was when Ms. Stacy told them to stand in a circle and poor Graham was right next to a girl-he wasn't going to let that happen so he did his best to get away from her.  I was able to get a few pictures of that but they didn't capture this even well enough.
  • Ms. Stacy had given everyone in the class a Wendys frosty coupon and Graham was ready to go.  So we swung by there on our way to pick everyone up and brought them another dessert to enjoy.  After they all had their frostys and then we played outside for a little bit before heading home.
  • At home, Keaton was pretty tired-she has stared laying her head on our shoulders.  And Campbell was ready for her milk and to rest as well.  So the rest of us started school-it went fairly well for afternoon school.  Anderson did have one meltdown but the principal (Robby) was around today so that ended that quickly.
  • Afterwards, everyone seemed to head outside for awhile of playing and then we called them all back inside for showers.  Next up, was dropping me off at Kroger and they all went to Arbys.  Robby said that all 4 of the big kids ate every bit of their sandwiches.  They even all walked over to Walgreens before coming to pick me up.  I eventually had to check out before they had arrived because I had spent way too much money.  
  • As we were driving in the car, Reagan was telling me that a neighbor girl didn't believe her when she told her that we were going to have another baby.  Then Reagan added "well, it is kind of hard to believe, how many kids do we have now?"  
  • Once we made it home tonight, the kids all had some water and then we put everyone to bed and I fried up 5 pounds of meat!  Yep, I'm home ec-y like that!

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