November 19, 2012

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  • Last night around midnight Robby went out to check on our fire and make sure it was fine for the night.  He was out there when he saw two deer nearby.  Robby said that he briefly wondered what he would do if they came towards him.  He did decided that he could use the rake in his hands and then he would have to run.  I suggested that he could have bent down and pretended to eat grass as Anderson did a few days ago when a deer was near him.
  • We were getting in to bed last night when I heard Campbell.  By the time I could get upstairs she was screaming-must have been a bad dream because by the time I made it up there she was sound asleep.  I even had to ask who had been fussing.  I covered her up and by that time, Graham was crying.
  • Poor Graham's eyes were matted shut.  We have all had a cold and it has been in Campbell's eyes and now Graham and Keaton's eyes.  I worked on his eyes and then brought him downstairs for Robby to help with eye drops.  As soon as we were finished, he wanted to go back upstairs to bed-but he enjoyed hearing me tell him about Robby and the deer.  
  • This morning, just as Robby and I were laying in bed dreading waking up the kids, Anderson popped into our bedroom.  Robby helped get the kids ready while I took my shower and then we traded places.  Everyone but Keaton had breakfast and we were out the door at a decent time.  
  • We dropped off Keaton and Campbell who had a full day at Nonna and Pops' house.  They painted fingernails, had a bath, played doll and helped make lunch.  Then we dropped off Graham-today was his big Thanksgiving Feast.  We brought turkey roll ups but Graham's favorite was the traditional Indian dish of candy corn.  
  • Then off to drop of Reagan in her class-they celebrated today by making a Thanksgiving bag of snacks and then made a Christmas ornament.  And Anderson's class celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas today by doing nothing.  They did do a turkey craft last week so I can give them some credit.  
  • I picked up Graham from school and at first he didn't want to go to Nonna's house for lunch-he wanted to go home and play our candy corn game (roll the dice and eat some candy corn-who wouldn't love that game?).  But by the time to leave Pops' house he didn't want to leave and wanted to stay.
  • We went home and played out candy corn game while Keaton took a nap.  Then Campbell had a nap and I worked on a few mounds of laundry.  Graham helped me with my coupons and then we worked on getting some Christmas ornaments ready for the tree.  On Monday afternoons, Graham is my buddy and stays right by my side.  He didn't fail 100% today and by supper time, he was exhausted and shortly asked to go to bed before everyone else.  He hardly woke up when he fell off the bed around 9 tonight.  
  • When Campbell was going to bed for a nap today-she took her doll, a box for her doll to sleep in and a diaper bag stuffed to the brim with food.  She is so into baby dolls right now.  
  • Robby picked up Reagan and Anderson from school and since Anderson was the last kid in his class and Reagan was next to last to be picked up, he felt like he owed them a Sonic drink.  So they all came in with smiles on their faces.  This did help me wake up Campbell-I had already tried once but she slept through me singing and talking to her while putting away laundry.  Keaton was also hard to wake up today-she fussed a bit and by the time I made it to her she was snoring.  
  • Everyone was awake soon-the boys played outside a bit and Grandpa arrived to do some picture hanging.  They worked until supper time and we stopped for lasagna and corn (Reagan's absolute favorite).  Afterwards, Grandpa headed home and Graham headed to bed.
  • Keaton took a shower-we were hoping that the steam would help her sleep better.  Robby was going to get in with her to wash her up well but became distracted and poor Keaton stood against the shower door screaming while Campbell tried to entertain her.  Eventually Robby jumped in to wash her up and she was so happy to be out of the shower.  So happy that she went to bed with out a fuss!
  • Reagan, Anderson and Campbell played for a few more minutes and then they went to bed quietly so they wouldn't wake up Graham.  Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow-feel better or not, he is planning on going to Grannymom's house to play.  

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