November 24, 2012

A little project (and help from brother!)
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  • Graham stirred first this morning and Robby went up to get in bed with him.  Later Graham came and joined me while the others slept upstairs.  I asked him what time it was and he read the numbers on the clock to me "5-5-7."  I figured that meant 7:55 and was very pleased.  A minute later, I turned my head to look at the clock it was only 7:23.  I guess Graham doesn't know the difference between 2s and 5s.  Oh, well we all rested well and that is all that matters.
  • Everyone was hungry and they were all happy to have some orange juice along with breakfast-we never usually have oj.  Reagan convinced Robby to buy some on their Thanksgiving day shopping trip-the only thing is that Reagan hasn't been home the last two mornings and the juice is getting very slim!  
  • After I straightened the house (a tiny, tiny bit).  Anderson was waiting on me to start his project for the day-his present from Josh and Zach.  He was pretty disappointed when I read that they had to dry overnight so we glued all 3 cars today and that pleased him.  He was so kind-Graham asked to glue one piece and Anderson told him that he could glue 3 pieces.  And he even let Campbell glue 2 pieces.  Once when she was gluing one, I was across the room and Anderson shouted at me "need a little help here."
  • Later in the morning, Robby cleaned out his desk and found some stickers to give to Campbell to play with.  I was sitting beside her as she was trying to get one off the paper.  It was pretty stuck and giving her a hard time and I heard her say "you little stinker."  She is so funny these days (funny and disobedient!-but that is another story)
  • I made lunch for the kids and around that time Grannymom and Grandpa came over to re-re-re-re hang our kiddie gate.  It was looking like poor Keaton will be proficient on the stairs before that thing is finally secured!  But hopefully today will be the day that it will stay.  
  • Soon we headed out the door for a few errands-7 (a return, picked up a gift card, picked up another gift card, Sonic drinks, got van keys, picked up another gift card and gas).  The van folks weren't yet able to fix the big vans dvd player so they had to send off for a part-it will arrive Tuesday so we will have to go through all of that hassle again.  We also had a trip through the car wash-everyone loved it.  Campbell kept trying to hold Keaton's hand so she wouldn't be afraid-she wasn't just annoyed with her sister.
  • After all of our errands, we picked up Reagan-glad she is home after her two nights away.  Tonight she said that she missed me but she didn't really miss the kids.  Oh, well at least she missed me!  We then stopped for supper-they forgot one of our pizzas.  They were all so apologetic-enough so that the kids kept asking what was going on.  We had ordered plenty of food so the pizza wasn't missed and it was nice to have supper for Monday night already boxed up.  
  • By the time we made it home, Graham and Campbell were asleep.  Campbell hadn't had her afternoon nap nor had Keaton-but Keaton, my car insomniac, was going strong playing with Reagan's socks.  We went ahead and put everyone in bed even though it was not yet 7.  Anderson was catching on after we said prayers.  He said "it isn't time yet."  Ha, ha, it was tonight!  Within 5 minutes, everyone was asleep but Reagan-I had to go up there to see who was coughing.  She said it was her and Graham (who is coughing today) but later after our third trip up there to check on the cougher we decided it was Anderson.  I just gave him his breather so hopefully, that will squelch is cough for awhile.

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