November 21, 2012

A bit of pre-holiday yard work!
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  • Graham, coughy and stuffy, did end up spending the night in our room on the floor.  We decided that going up and down the stairs all evening was pointless so we just brought him to our room (since he would probably end up there anyway).  He slept well on the floor-though Robby did sneak out again-this time I didn't see or hear him leave so I couldn't claim my turn.
  • I woke up with my shoulder already feeling some better.  I still can't really reach up high but no longer think I will end up under the knife.  Must be the silly exercises that I read about and did last night from the internet.  
  • When the kids woke up, they were all going strong.  They knew that today was work day around the house and that meant no school for them.  I had my shower and then we all had breakfast.  And not too long after that everyone started with their list of chores.  
  • That all started off well but the newness of the chore list soon faded.  Everyone was gung ho about cleaning the tops of their desks and organizing the inside.  Then emptying all of the trash happened without incident. Next we moved upstairs-boys to the toy room and Reagan working on their room, beds and closet.  That is when we had our first incident-Anderson and Graham spent more time playing than working.
  • Next up, Graham had a fit about not getting to help match all of our extra socks.  He started helping but after him and Anderson started fighting I had him come downstairs.  While upstairs working, Reagan called Anderson a name so she was the first one to lose the promised airplane ride from Robby tonight.  
  • Our next event was putting on clothes for the day and that is when Anderson and Graham had another spat losing their airplane privilege as well.  Poor Campbell she just isn't my picker upper or really isn't even my listener these days but she did wear her big girl panties all day long!  
  • Soon Robby was home and I had the kids eat lunch on the picnic table since the chairs and bar stools had all been moved to clean the kitchen floor.  Robby did a bit of leaf blowing and soon we all headed to see Beebee and Papaw.
  • Robby dropped us off and ran a Benton and then Bryant errand.  Beebee and Papaw were glad to see us and the kids did well for a few minutes.  But before long my little hoodlums were giving piggy back rides to each other, wrestling and showing out.  I was none to pleased but Beebee and Papaw didn't seem to mind.  When Robby walked in, the kids did calm down some....
  • But since I was the only good girl at Beebee and Papaw's place, I got to get a Sonic drink on the way home.  The poor kids didn't get anything-we figured it was a good lesson for them.  But unfortunately for us, by the time we made it to the driveway, 3 of them were sleeping-Campbell, Graham and Anderson.  Reagan was acting like she was asleep and Keaton was having a big ole time watching me eat my ice cream!
  • We then worked outside for a bit-it was almost 3:30 so we didn't have too long before it was dark.  Robby blew all of the leaves from the front yard (about 1/12 of all of our leaves) into a 10 foot by 10 foot pile.  It was probably about 4 foot high in some spots-lots and lots of leaves.  Reagan did ask if it was ok to have it so close to the house and Graham asked about the water-children and their silly ideas!  
  • So about 2 minutes after Robby lit the pile, he said "why don't you go get the water hose."  Ha!  The flame was crazy high (as expected).  Those leaves were hot, hot, hot!  But the water hose was never used except to entertain the kids.  They were told not to touch the water so they used everything they could find to block the water-rocks, leaves and sticks-like a bunch of beavers making a dam.  
  • Soon it was dark, I ushered my crew into the house for showers and then supper-and yes, they had to  stand while eating supper-I still haven't cleaned that kitchen floor.  I would pass out one course of the meal and then run to clean a bathroom, come back and pass out something else and then go and clean another bathroom.  We did this until all of the bathrooms were clean then I sent the kids to watch a few movies.
  • After their movies, we sent all of the kids to bed and Robby and I have so far neglected our chores and are sitting watching tv.  Tomorrow is after all a holiday!

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