November 26, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
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  • Monday morning and we all made it out of the house relatively on time.  My first stop was to drop off Campbell, Keaton, Anderson and Reagan (the big two are out of Comm. Central for the holidays). Then Graham went to his class.  Today was his first day to sign in-sign in by writing his name.  I wanted to stick around and see how well he did but there was a line to sign in.  
  • Then I ran a few errands-Walmart, Toys R Us, Walmart (yes, the other one), Michaels and the Dollar Tree before heading to my work kid.  I was shocked that they were actually there today-nice surprise.    Next up was picking up Graham from school.  He is always so happy to see me and I really think that he is very well school!
  • At Nonna and Pops' house, my Grahammer got mad that I wouldn't let him go outside-it was sprinkling.  So he threw enough of a fit that he was told that he was going to have an afternoon nap.  And while loading up the van, for some reason Anderson got mad at Reagan and chunked her on the floor.  With that he volunteered himself for an afternoon nap.  That left only Reagan up in the afternoon.  
  • I do not like for the kids to get in trouble but 4 out of 5 kids resting quietly-whoop, whoop!  I was crazy busy marking things off of my list.  Crazy busy even though Reagan couldn't find anything to do and kept following me around.  I eventually told her to go upstairs but then had to send her to take her own nap.  
  • The timer eventually went off meaning that my 3 troublemakers (I mean big kids) could wake up.  Anderson only had one thing on his mind-painting his cars.  So we all started on that.  He was being very kind and was going to let everyone paint some on the cars-but Reagan wasn't pleased with what he offered her so she shoved his stuff and walked off.  And this earned her another trip upstairs to rest.  
  • Before long, my crew were all awake and they were all their happy selves again.  I hate it when the kids act like kids and not like the little grown ups I expect them to act like!  Ha!  I probably should be a bit more lenient with them.
  • When Robby made it home, we had supper and then after a good lecture we started on the trees.  The kids were so excited and fairly helpful.  Robby had Christmas music playing and they were all in awe. When we put the top on their tree-Anderson shouted "it is taller than Daddy."  They happily decorated it and Keaton happily undecorated it.  
  • We then went downstairs to work on our big tree.  It is put together with lots of little branches and usually takes Robby and I a long time but with the kids helping it went fairly fast.  Keaton just sat on the box lid and watched and Campbell stayed busy putting some rocks in and out of a bag.  We ran out of steam before the lights or ornaments.  Though we did go upstairs for a movie.
  • We watched Santa Paws-at parts the kids were practically hysterical with fear.  Anderson almost climbed over the back of the couch at one point.  Though Anderson was fairly busy with a bloody nose-just gushing!  Second time today.  Poor guy at least that distracted him from his fear of the movie.  Don't worry, it was a Disney movie and everything turned out well.  
  • It was nearly 9 by the time the movie was over and the kids were so excited to go to sleep tonight-they wanted to sleep by the light of their Christmas tree.        

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