November 7, 2012

Just another day at school...
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Apparently, Keaton was not too pleased about the election results because she started screaming last night at 2 and didn't stop for at least 30 minutes (that is only what I heard).  We finally brought her to our bed to calm her down and she stayed there for a few minutes until she decided to start playing peek a boo.  Then she was quickly moved back to her bed and no, she wasn't thrilled with that at all.
  • At 6:30 this morning the kids all started stirring.  I did lay down in the floor in their room and one by one they all grabbed their blankets and pillow and joined me in the floor.  Kind of funny-5 beds in one room and 5 people laying on the floor.  The boys were on each side of me and they each started to rub my back and then shared their blankets with me.  Sweetest things.  By this time, Campbell had snuck out of the room to go climb in bed with her daddy.
  • The kids were WILD this morning-chasing, running, screaming.  We laid down the law pretty early and Robby told them that if I called him about their behavior he would come right home.  So multiple times today when I pulled out my phone, children started screaming "don't call Daddy!"  
  • They all calmed with breakfast and then we headed to the school room.  My goal today was take a few pictures to capture how school goes here during the day.  But really there is no way to capture that madness that is school around here.  One day I am going to have Robby rig up a video camera just so you could fast forward and watch us during a school day.  
  • After school, the kids all emptied all of the trash cans in the house and then we went to the garage to work on decorating the fridge for Christmas.  Check out the pictures-isn't that cutest thing?  I saw it on the internet and they were so thrilled with their snow man fridge.
  • Then it was lunch time and Robby brought a load of groceries home.  And it was a much needed load of groceries-we were completely out of milk.  This was a major crisis around here.  I made some cookies for our delivery boy and the kids enjoyed them too.  As soon as he left, it was time to put the little girls to bed and put the others in front of the tv.
  • I had a few things to do so I needed them to be quiet for a while so the tv was turned on.  While they watched tv, I made brownies, finished the chili, made cornbread, got everything ready to deliver two meals, loaded up diaper and awana bags, packed supper for the kids, got myself ready and tried to straighten up a bit.  By that time I needed a nap with Keaton and Campbell but it was time to leave.
  • We all packed up and then dropped off a meal at the Allinson's house.  Thankfully, their driveway was wide and I was able to easily back up the van.  Then we made it to Beebee and Papaw's place.  The kids were pretty good and all sat in the floor eating their supper.   Even Keaton sat quietly in her spot to eat-cutest thing.
  • Of course Papaw gave the kids candy and even some money before we left.  Since we did start our afternoon errands a bit early, it was nice that we made it to church a bit early as well (gave me time to park the van-ha!)  Keaton was fine in her class but they did report that she had a pretty good runny nose and by the time we picked her up she felt warm and was pretty fussy.  But when we made it home, she was happy as she could be again.  
  • My Reagan finished her Awana book tonight.  Very proud of her-she is a bit of an overachiever (wonder where she gets that).   Her book is meant to last until May so she did finished a bit early.  And Anderson, I know I have ranted and raved about him saying only a few verses each week.  This week as I headed to pick him up, his listening leader stopped me to say that Anderson said a lot of verses.  She would even close his book and he would say "wait, I can say some more."  Anyway, my child said 10 verses and earned his wings and two jewels.  
  • Back at home tonight, everyone had apples and bananas for a snack and then they were all put to bed.  Campbell was probably the first one asleep because she never slept during our short naps this afternoon.  She spent her time shouting jingle bells.

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