November 12, 2012

Our favorite blonde princess!
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  • School morning so Robby took the little girls to Grannymom's house.  Campbell reported that they played inside, had a walk, picked up Graham from school and did not play outside.  Maybe I should just start using Campbell to write the blog-much more concise.
  • I took the others to school.  Graham was very pleased to be the snack helper this morning.  And Anderson could not have been more pleased to take his Transformer birthday cupcakes to school to celebrate his birthday.  We took them early (a month) because Comm Central doesn't have school after Thanksgiving-but the Dennie house does.  We will have a lighter schedule around here-but will still do our phonics, math and review spelling daily.  Anyway, I wish that I could have been there for pictures when his class sang Happy Birthday to him today.
  • Reagan had a good day at school-and always does.  Robby picked them up and the only commotion was that I put their science notebooks in the wrong bags today.  No one seemed to care about that except that Reagan was afraid that Anderson was going to get to keep her science work-oh, the drama.
  • Cupcakes did help everyone cheer up and help the others wake up from their naps.  I worked on painting something in the garage for a bit while Keaton watched and while Robby played with his new leaf blower.  We had supper a bit late because Robby was out playing-he is very pleased with his purchase and yard day is coming up (actually it will probably be a yard evening since we will be out this weekend).  
  • So for supper, we had our normal favorite (chicken enchiladas) which we have decided is no longer our favorite.  Actually this batch, we made with shredded chicken and with more than what we usually make it with (we usually stretch it with less chicken).  I guess we like it more with less chicken and the kids didn't like it at all (except for Reagan).  So we decided that we will start having at least one meal a week that is made especially for one child.  And trust me, on Anderson's night who knows what we will eat-probably we will be eating no meat and no veggies-just dinner rolls!
  • After supper, the kids all played in the bonus room-happily and quietly for a very long time.  It was very strange-and lovely!  Soon though things did fall apart and we ushered everyone into the showers-it had been awhile!  They then had a few more minutes to play before we picked up and sent them to bed.  

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