November 16, 2012-Branson

Getting a head start on Christmas in Branson!
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  • Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of the day packing off and on.  And I had one constant helper-Campbell.  She was always asking me "do you have our bathing suits?" "do you have our trip clothes?"  It was thing after thing that her little mind thought of.  At least 2 of her suggestions were things that I had not yet packed or thought of.  
  • So this morning, my boys both climbed into our bed at 7:05.  They were both fully dressed and must have been quiet as mice getting ready since we never heard them on the monitor.  They were so excited about our trip-maybe I could tell them we are going on a trip every morning and they would always wake quietly and get dressed before Robby and I wake up.  They were so cute though in bed with us.  They each asked a zillion questions-is it a motel or hotel? (hotel) can we stay in Grannymom's room? (she is staying with us) How long will it take to get there? (3 hours) and many, many more.
  • A few minutes later though the house was going strong with everyone awake, clothes on and eating breakfast.  They were so ready to go but Robby and I still had a bit more packing to do.  So the kids ended up in the toy room-of course Campbell did keep coming down the steps bringing more things for me to pack for her.  
  • And yes, do notice the picture of what all we brought on this trip.  I really don't think it is too excessive-I feel like we pack pretty lightly for the number of people we have.  I did bring our jackets and our winter coats on the trip and will probably not need our winter coats this time.  Actually I pretty much guaranteed that we won't need heavy jackets all winter because I bought one today-Anderson didn't have a heavy coat but now has a new blue one.  
  • By 9, we were on the road-actually on the road back home because someone forgot to pack their pajamas (they will remain nameless but it was not me or anyone that I pack for-maybe I should start packing for everyone-nah!)  We picked up Grannymom and headed to Branson.
  • Before leaving Little Rock, we stared the Polar Express movie since we are planning to ride on it tomorrow.  We hadn't seen it and the kids watched it intently-so intently that at one point Campbell sad "I'm not riding on that train!"
  • We stopped in Harrison for lunch at Neighbors.  When we walked in, the line was crazy and every table full.  It was right around 12 and we were in the middle of the lunch rush.  Situations like that are what I dread-here we are waiting in a long line, then having to look for a table with wall to wall people with 4 kids following you and holding one.  Thankfully we found a table for 4-so we sat the kids down and before Robby could juggle the tray and get to us, another nearby table for 2 opened up.  That just left two of us standing in the way.  All of this commotion did spur a large group on to leave so we all joined up back at their table to eat.  And by the time we got all settled at our new table, we looked around the the line was gone, tables were clearing out and things were calm at the restaurant.
  • After lunch (delicious sandwiches and soup as well as cookies for the kids), we were back on the road.  Our first stop was at the Tangar outlet.  We aren't really shoppers but did buy Robby three shirts and Anderson's jacket.  Oh and we also splurged and paid for the kids to ride one of those little merry go rounds there.  Robby said that one lady's little kid was on it along with some of ours and she offered to pay-she probably didn't know that when the other Dennie kids heard that merry go round going, there would be a mad rush of Dennies to climb aboard.  So Robby felt a bit bad and paid for the next ride.  
  • By this time, the kids were so anxious to get to the hotel-they just love hotels!  Or maybe they love hotels with indoor water parks.  Either way, after unloading we put on our bathing suits and headed downstairs.  The first section we played in was a 1 foot kiddie area which they all loved.  It had small slides that Keaton would do over and over and over again.  We had to help her up and them make sure that someone caught her but every time (even when she got a mouth full of water) she would turn right around and start walking to the steps to do it all again.
  • Then we went upstairs to the lazy river area-though it is no lazy river.  We made the boys wear life vests even though they could touch.  The current is really strong-strong enough that we really had to hold on to Campbell.  Even though she could touch-with her floatees on that current wouldn't let her put her feet down.  Keaton wanted to ride on a tube like the big kids and was not going to be happy unless she got to so Robby took her around a few times on the tube.
  • Next up was the big slide.  The height was 42 inches and it looked like Graham was that tall so Robby went first and then the big kids each waited for the life guard to tell them when to go.  They loved it-and all went twice.  Then on the third time, the life guards had switched and the one up there wouldn't let Graham go.  He said that he wasn't tall enough-so poor Graham had to come down the steps all by himself.  Robby said he had the same look as when that man didn't give him Halloween candy thinking he was Anderson who had just been there.  Seems like those things happen to him lately but after a few minutes of being upset, he was fine again playing away with everyone else.  (And probably just like at Halloween, Robby and I take it harder than he does.)
  • They played and played until we climbed out and walked back to the room to change back into our clothes for supper.  Robby, Campbell and Reagan went downstairs to order us a pizza while I finished getting ready.  Then we met them and all waited and waited on the pizza.  It finally came and pretty much devoured the whole thing.  
  • The Shepard of the Hills Trail of Lights drive through was what we were headed to next.  But before we left the hotel, I had to run back upstairs to pour more milk into Keaton's cup just in case we needed it while we were out.  I had the key and knew where the room was.  I slid the key and the green light came on, I pushed the door open and it opened about a quarter of an inch.  Then it wouldn't budge.  I tried and tried again, called Robby, tried some more, tried to shove it open, called Robby again (who wasn't answering his phone), tried again and then came downstairs.  
  • When I found Robby downstairs, I told him and he went upstairs to try.  He was able to do better than me but did figure out what the problem was.  Apparently when we closed the door, the privacy lock somehow closed causing our door to not open from the outside.  If someone would have been in the room, they could have just flipped that lock open and opened the door-but we were all out!  What in the world were we going to do?  Robby told the front desk and they looked puzzled but called maintenance and we headed on.
  • Of course, your mind just starts racing. I was wondering how long we would be locked out of her hotel room and how they were going to get in.  They must have some way to get inside of rooms because what if a guest were to die while in the room-can't just leave it locked forever.  And thank goodness, this little incident didn't happen when we were all walking back to the room only wearing our wet bathing suits-that really would have been horrible!
  • The Shepard of the Hills was really neat.  We were shocked to see the price (per person not per car) when we drove up but were glad we did it.  The lights went on and one and on-so much so that the kids got a bit bored! Then we rode up to the top of the tower to look down.  This was really a treat and on the way down in the elevator, we made it all the way to the bottom and then we went right back up.  The doors opened again at the top and it was the same people looking at us and down we went again.  This time the doors did open and we all quickly got off-who wants to ride an elevator up and down a tower all night.
  • We loaded back up and then at the gift shop, we climbed out again.  They had cider and hot chocolate there which was included in our ticket price.  Of course it was all too hot for the kids to drink so we headed back to the hotel-we guessed we might have some time to wait there.  Thankfully thought at the hotel our room was back open and they sipped the hot chocolate as they put on their pjs.
  • It was a bit after 10, when everyone finally climbed into bed (or onto their spot) and within 10 minutes they were all sound asleep.  Today was a big day but tomorrow will be even bigger!

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