November 2, 2012

Mr. Todd's Hayride!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning when Campbell woke up, she laid back down with Robby and they went to sleep for awhile.  So that meant that Robby and the rest of us got a later start this morning.  Doing school while eating breakfast has worked well this week so that is what we did today.  
  • School went fine today and they even used a map of the house to find their snack this morning.  We finished in time for Keaton to have a nap and all 4 big kids to lay down and watch a movie.  They were all snuggled up together and looked so precious.  Made me want too freeze time!
  • We then had lunch and I made zillions of tiny bundt cakes so they kids could decorate them into pumpkins tonight.  I had lots of watchers as I did this because I would cut off the bottoms of all the cakes and then pass out the pieces to the kids.  They ate this until they were stuffed!  My original plan was going to be to decorate the pumpkins this afternoon for everyone but after quickly realizing that they were going to look pretty pitiful if I did them, I changed plans and decided that the kids could decorate them tonight.
  • Sometime this afternoon, Anderson hauled off and just hit his brother for almost no reason.  So Robby told him that he was going to lose 10 pieces of his Halloween stash.  I was a bit hungry, so I jumped up to pick out 10 pieces and as Anderson followed me he said "I hope I lose gum, I don't like gum."  
  • The kids hung out inside today while Robby and I hung out outside.  I even cut his hair in the driveway-country living at its best.  
  • The McGuires arrived and Todd brought his 4 wheeler and trailer for a few hay rides.  They took a test hayride and soon the Penningtons arrived.  After a chili supper, the kids (and I) took another ride.  We rode all the way to the horses, then around and back through our lower yard-where the 4 wheeler stopped and "we ran out of gas."  He, he, those kids will believe anything.  Amazingly, their was enough gas for us to make it back to the house and start decorating their pumpkin cakes.  
  • The kids so enjoyed decorating the pumpkins and they all took it so seriously.  Of course, they hardly ate any of them but that was fine because the adults had warm brownies waiting on them.  After more playtime, everyone headed outside to play before they left.  In just a few short months, between 3 couples we will have 12 kids...half will be ours!  Gracious, what a fun time getting together always is-fun and crazy!

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