November 13, 2012

Faster than a speeding train...
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  • This morning at 7:40 the kids were still in bed and still asleep.  Robby and I were only thinking about getting up but in 5 minutes all were awake upstairs and we started moving pretty quick.  Graham and Robby had to be out the door by 8.  Of course, there was no time for Graham to have breakfast and he wasn't too thrilled about having to eat in the car-until I told him he could take 2 poptarts with him.
  • They both made it to their destinations at a reasonable time and back at home, I got myself ready while Reagan, Campbell and Keaton played downstairs and Anderson played upstairs.  By the time I had put my pajamas back on (I love my life!), Keaton was ready to eat.  So we all grabbed breakfast and headed to the school room.
  • Other than the mess, I like eating breakfast in there-Keaton is contained for at least 30 minutes and everyone's mouths are full so there is little talking going on.  Plus they are busy eating so they stay at their desks-it is really just a win, win, win, win situation!
  • Reagan started in her second grade math book today and Anderson will start in his first grade math book tomorrow.  Are they brilliant or is it their teacher?  Ha!  I am lucky right now that they both enjoy doing math (Reagan did not used to like it) and it gives them something to do independently while I work with someone else.
  • After school, they played upstairs while Keaton finished her nap and I did a few things around the house.  One of those was making a few sandwiches to freeze-I was going to take a picture of my 15 sandwiches all laid out on the counter but thought that might overwhelm people.  I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wrap them in packs of 5 and freeze.  After a an hour or so out of the freezer they are perfect-an easy meal to take somewhere.  
  • We then had lunch and then more playing for the kids.  They went upstairs and I kept Keaton down with me.  She is so funny-if I hand her something new occasionally she is happy and will just follow me around the house as I work.  Soon she will be upstairs playing with the others and I will be left alone...well, guess baby 6 can keep me company.  
  • The kids did spend awhile upstairs playing but quite a bit of time today was spent sitting in a closet while holding their Disney spinners.  Since Graham was at Nonna's house, they even had an extra that Campbell worked diligently to teach Keaton how to use.  I had to check on them a few times because the 4 kids sitting in the closet were being a bit too quiet-but all was well.
  • Soon Keaton and Campbell were taking a nap and Nonna and Pops brought Graham home.  We finished playing the game we had started and then everyone went to watch a movie for awhile.  Graham did perfectly this afternoon and didn't have a problem getting used to being at home.  
  • After a movie, the kids decided they wanted to go outside.  After a few minutes out there, they came in asking for gloves.  I put them on but never thought about asking if they were wearing their jackets outside-that is probably why they came in after about 10 minutes.  I had to beg to get someone to go back out to get the mail.  
  • Around this time, Campbell woke up and made it very clear to me that she did not get her snack.  She brought me an empty snack bowl of Grahams that she had found.  She went on to add that she was sleeping and missed her snack.  So I poured her some cereal and gave Keaton some as well.  Those two little girls sat on a blanket and watched themselves a movie-they watched only about 3 minutes of the movie but were so cute while it lasted!
  • Here in the blog is usually when I say "and soon Robby was home."  But tonight, he had gone to the grocery store to pick up 10 bottles of shaving cream (he is a hairy man)-no, it was a very good deal.  He also picked up some chicken and a few other things for supper.  While we were waiting the kids started making countdown for Christmas and candy canes to hang on every door-not real sure why or how this got started.  Of course all of this work kept me very busy.  
  • When Robby did make it home, we quickly prepared supper-beef or chicken soft tacos.  The kids all picked beef and missed out on the chicken (my favorite).  Reagan and Anderson ate all of theirs and Campbell and Keaton almost finished theirs.  The kitchen was a mess so we went the kids upstairs to play and did what most people do-start making cinnamon rolls and begin installing a child safety gate.
  • My project (the cinnamon rolls) went much more smoothly than Robby's project.  Mine probably made a bigger mess but there was much less shouting and sighing on my side of the kitchen.  After much work, Robby finally finished the gate and is now writing the manufacture.  
  • Somehow during all of this, we did manage to make cookies as well for the kids to enjoy before bed. It was a bit difficult for them to go to bed-since Robby was still working on the gate.  But after awhile and after only 4 trips up there by me, they were all sleeping sound.

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