November 11, 2012

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  • This morning was about the same as our usual Sunday morning-clothes, powdered donuts, movie and then on to church.  And if you read last nights post, you will remember that our plan was to bathe the kids to de-campfire them but that didn't happen.  So tonight as the boys were sprawled over me during church, I started coughing because of the smoke smell from their hair!
  • I was in nursery during big church but Robby was highly annoyed that poor Anderson had the hiccups the entire service.  Robby even said that Anderson was still singing his heart out "we will remember, hiccup, we will remember, hiccup, we will remember the day you, hiccup."
  • In Keaton's class, she was the cutest little thing-so jealous if I would hold another baby.  That little child will soon have a rude awakening!  But as happy as she is to see her brothers and sisters when she wakes up and when the pick her up from class, she will soon accept another one and be glad to see them too (even if I am holding them)
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and the kids had a few minutes to play before we came home.  Once at home, they all changed clothes and we started the laundry.  Then the little ones (and the very big ones) had a nap and the rest watched a few tv shows and had a snack.
  • Before too long it was time to load up for church and by this time the wind was blowing like crazy and it was starting to rain.  Thankfully, we made it to church before the heavy rain.  We dropped Reagan, Anderson and Graham off at choir and then Keaton, Campbell and us headed up to the library for some cookies.  Since we have started having cookies each week during choir, Campbell will never, ever want to go to choir.
  • After choir we all headed to big church.  Graham and Anderson fell asleep-Graham coughed and coughed until Robby finally took him out.  And then right in the middle of the sermon, Anderson let out the biggest snore ever!  Of course, I jumped a foot since it startled me and my first thought was "oh, please don't let that have been me"-it was not and was definitely Anderson.  
  • On the way home, we passed out juice boxes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Once home, we had ice cream truck and then the kids were all sent to bed.  Campbell was pretty wired tonight-so she will probably be sent to the attic to sleep-kidding!

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