November 9, 2012

Boys overnight stay at Uncle Jason's!
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  • The kids all woke up around the same time this morning and were fairly subdued until breakfast time.  After Robby left, we had breakfast and then started on school.  
  • School was fine-Keaton had a blast today just walking around the school room.  More fun than she has ever had and she had gotten the hang of the magnet board and enjoys putting magnets on it-and then scraping them all off.  
  • Oh, we did have one catastrophe during school-some one got a hair cut.  I was out of the room but Reagan quickly brought me a pair of scissors and streaks of blonde hair.  Yes, Campbell had given herself a trim.  It isn't enough to notice but she did get into trouble.   Now the poor child did cry that Reagan did it too and I am sure that Reagan is not innocent in the whole ordeal (probably teasingly cut her hair too).  So Reagan did get a good lecture.  I am at least pleased that we have made it this long without anyone cutting their hair!
  • Anderson was the last to get finished and as he was working, I heard Reagan screaming from upstairs.  I couldn't tell what she was saying so I rushed to the kitchen to hear her better-there were 3 deer in the yard and she was calling for us to look.  Everyone dove to a window and we all watched them for a very long time.  
  • Eventually, the others got bored with watching the deer watch us but Anderson asked to go outside and look at them.  So we quietly opened the door and he tiptoed out.  They must have heard him crunching on the leaves after awhile because they started walking towards the house (still at least 100 feet away).  This must have panicked Anderson because he said that he got down and started to act like he was eating leaves so they wouldn't bother him.  He figured the deer wouldn't bother another deer eating nearby.  He even showed me how he crouched on all 4s and moved his mouth to pretend to eat leaves.  
  • My poor Campbell is more afraid of deer than she is of dogs.  As we watched them, she asked if Daddy would be scared since they were on the long driveway.  I told her that I thought Daddy would be fine.  Then as soon as Anderson walked in the door, she grabbed my hand to take me to the door. Then she said "lock the door Mommy."
  • After Anderson finally finished school, we made a few landforms out of playdoh and then I sent the kids outside on a scavenger hunt while I made lunch.  I actually should have followed them out to take pictures-they were all so cute running around searching for stuff and carrying their papers.  Anderson and Reagan were very helpful to read Graham's stuff to him.  Campbell eventually gave up and just started looking for leaves-she would find one and then ring the doorbell to give it to me.  Needless to say, it took me a very long time to make lunch since I was so busy answering the door.
  • After lunch, I put my Dennie cleaning crew to work and we picked up the entire house.  Then they all had some Halloween candy (the bribe for cleaning).  Next up was naps for the little girls and a movie for the big ones while I folded laundry.  
  • Shannon dropped by to deliver a few clothes and while we were outside talking to her, we left Keaton in the house unattended.  After a few minutes outside I did remember the baby wandering around the house unattended probably climbing up and down the stairs with knives and trash in her mouth.  So when we walked back in the door, we all took off in different directions looking for her-took us a few more minutes that I would have liked but Anderson eventually found her in my bathroom playing with a blanket.  
  • Soon Robby was home to see everyone including the boys before the headed to Uncle Jason's who stopped by to pick up the Anderson and Graham.  They were SO excited to get to spend the night.  They had a night full of playing video games ahead of them (but with a quick stop at Chick-Fil-A first.
  • Robby loaded up the girls for a quick trip to the mall.  The girls loved walking through the mall, finding supper and topping it off with cinnamon and sugar pretzels.  Meanwhile Tara headed off to Bunko.

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