November 6, 2012

Book Character Day at Graham's school!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Way too early this morning, Graham was ready to get his clothes on.  This was a big morning at school-book character day.  I held him off for a few minutes so they could all eat breakfast.  I passed out the monkey bread muffins that we made last night.  Campbell had one bite and then asked for some toast!  Not my child!
  • Everyone put on their clothes and we headed out to take Graham to school.  Graham was dressed at Alexander from the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  He had pants, a plaid shirt and belt like Alexander.  Also he had fake teeth in and one with cavity like Alexander.  Graham also took a cereal box without a prize in it and a lunch without a snack in it like the story.  And finally, Alexander had fallen in the mud so before we loaded up the van, I sent him to slide in the dirt pile for a minute.  
  • So at school, we dropped off Graham and claimed out spots.  Reagan and Anderson did a bit of school work while we waited and then the parade started.  The classes walked around the circle three times while we smiled, waved and took pictures of everyone.  
  • Back at home, we worked on school.  Everyone did fairly well-my struggle today is with Anderson reading.  He will read a word and I will correct him and he will say "no, it's not 'sit' it is 'sugar'" I will encourage him to sound it out and he will look at the sky and resay the word he has decided it was.  I will try to explain that I am positive that the word is whatever and he will assure me that I am wrong.  Makes me crazy-but all that to say, he is doing so well reading.  I am just always surprised as they learn to read.  
  • Reagan finished school early and I sent her and Campbell upstairs to play.  And they fought like cats up there.  Every five minutes one of them would come downstairs in tears tattling on the other one.  When Anderson finished school, I explained to the girls that they would both be taking a nap.  I figured this would be a good punishment for Reagan since it worked so well for Graham the other day.  Really didn't have much of an effect on her and just caused her attitude to spiral downhill.  
  • We then had lunch and then the all the girls had a nap.  Reagan did just rest but Anderson relished the time to play by himself and pick out all of the movies.  Graham was at Grannymom's house having a big time.  
  • When I woke Campbell up from her nap and told her that it was time to go vote, she looked at me and asked "is it going to be scary?"  I told her that the voting would not be scary but watching the votes come in tonight might be.  
  • We met Robby and Graham at the polling place and voted.  Our line was at least 30 minutes long but the kids did fairly well in line.  As soon as I was given my ballot they started asking about where and when we were going to get out stickers.  I had forgotten about those stickers but that is why they were all behaving so well.
  • We then ate supper at American Pie and enjoyed cheese dip (with much too salty chips) along with pizza (with too much sausage-my opinion and not Robby's opinion).  When we made it home, everyone put on their pajamas and we put them to bed.  This might be a long night watching election results-I have a pile of things to do so I don't have to listen to all those talking heads on tv!

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