November 30, 2012

Campbell Ruth:  2 Years, 11 Months!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Before getting dressed this morning, we had breakfast and then headed upstairs.  The boys both grabbed hats to wear and then started getting dressed.  Anderson saw the razorback on his shirt and said "go hogs."  Then he looked at Graham's hat-the N and Y from his New York Yankees hat-and said "Graham, you are for the Chinese?"
  • I made everyone do a bit of school before we left the house.  They did really well and finished most of school-though for the first 30 minutes Anderson put papers in and out of a bucket that he had tied a string on.  Seriously?  I finally had to take away the bucket and string, empty the school room of kids, shut the door and tell him to get it finished.  And it worked!
  • Then we all loaded up and headed to get my hair cut.  The kids had all been warned (and could even see my spoon sticking out of my bag).  We all squeezed in the little back room and Tammy cut away while the kids colored and colored.  They were all perfect.  Reagan spent her time coloring a picture of me sitting in the chair and Tammy cutting my hair.  She added so many details from the room and is becoming quite the artist.
  • Next up we were going to meet Robby at Wendys.  He was a bit behind us so we went ahead in and I sat the kids down and was preparing to order when a worker lady came and started doting on the kids.  She mentioned that they all looked alike and I said "yes, they all do look like their Daddy."  And now this was a question I have never heard before about my little family....she asked "they all got the same daddy?"  I tried to keep a straight face as I replied "yes, they do."  Her reply was "wow, he's been busy."
  • After eating, we ran by to drop off the white van for them to replace our back movie screen and then Robby dropped us off at home.  The kids worked on finishing school and Keaton discovered that someone left the pantry door open.  So she busied herself bringing multiple syrup bottles to the school room.  Imagine how quickly I moved when I looked up and saw syrup bottles sitting all around the school room.
  • As soon as we were finished, Reagan called Nonna to say that she was ready to go.  Reagan had one thing on her mind for her night with Nonna and Pops-she wanted to buy Robby and me a Christmas present.  She took a wad of money and I hope that she didn't spend it all.  From Jason's pictures it looked like she had a blast-shopping, decorating Nonna's tree, Larry's pizza, wrapping presents and putting up more of Nonna's snow village.
  • This afternoon at home, the girls had a nap and Graham and Anderson helped wrap Graham's present that he picked out of Campbell.  And then they worked on filling Anderson's pinata for his birthday party.  Then I started cooking for tomorrow and cooked until after supper.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for their Christmas snapshot.  The kids also had quick photo shoots as well and then we had supper.  After supper, the kids played with Grannymom and Grandpa for a bit and soon it was bedtime for my little Dennies. I think that they were pretty tired-I know I was!