November 17, 2012-Branson

Santa - One not so happy!
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  • We just completely wore the kids out yesterday.  They slept until 7:30 before anyone stirred.  I always love hotel sleeping.  We only really had one incident last night (not counting when Campbell fell off the bunk beds earlier in the evening-she was fine-just stunned).  
  • Around 5, I heard a commotion in the floor and looked down to see Anderson snatch Graham's pillow away from him saying something about "my pillow."  I quickly jumped down, gave Graham back his pillow, moved Anderson back to his spot and grabbed Anderson's pillow and put it back under his head.  Where was Anderson's pillow?  Well, it happened to have been under my head.  We were one pillow short last night so I just snatched his when he fell asleep.  And when I gave him back his in the middle of the night, I took Robby's pillow out from under his head.  I do believe that we are not pillow short tonight so all will sleep better.
  • The pool didn't open until 10, so we headed out for Krispy Kreme donuts.  The kids devoured their donuts-we did we because the cinnamon bun one was excellent.  Then it was off to the Coleman outlet.  Robby did find a new ice chest for the van-it is actually two that are stackable-a big one and a little one.  It is going to work out really well-especially since the one we brought on this trip leaked all over.  
  • Soon we were headed back to the hotel and the kids were again excited to put on their bathing suits and head downstairs.  Keaton was the most excited about it all-she splashed, walked to the slides, kicked and had a blast until she was completely worn out.  Reagan and Anderson slid down the slide a few times.  Graham had a blast with Robby playing with him in the "deep" pool.  And Campbell enjoyed every bit of swimming-her biggest smile though was when she successfully put our wet towels in the basket.
  • Grannymom went upstairs to get ready first, then Keaton, Campbell and I came.  I showered Campbell and then took a shower with Keaton. By the time I was out, the others were all back. Soon everyone was ready and we were headed to Arbys.
  • Keaton was so exhausted and fell sound asleep on the way there.  At the restaurant, we could hardly wake her.  Grannymom tried, I tried and still no luck.  I was trying to jostle her awake and Robby leaned down to talk to her.  No movement-sleeping sound.  Until Robby said these words-"do you want a sip of coke?"  Immediately, that baby jumped straight up almost jumping out of my arms.  She heard what he had said and was looking around for her sip of coke.  
  • Next stop was the Landing.  We had a few things to pick up there and the kids enjoyed walking through any of the shops that they asked to-Build a Bear, the build a car shop, hobby store.  And the highlight was the playground in the middle.  By the time we made it there, it was time to turn around and head back to the van.  
  • Robby walked across the street to pick up our train tickets and Grannymom and the rest of us walked back to the van to change the kids into their pajamas.  We had quite a haul to get there but made it to the car and changed successfully.  On the way back to the train station, Campbell was riding in the stroller with Keaton and as we were crossing a street, Campbell just stuck out her arm like a traffic cop to stop the traffic.       
  • We had tickets for the 4:30 Polar Express train and it was lots of fun.  On the walk to the train, there was snow to walk through and a hobo was on the top of the train (like on the movie).  This caused Campbell to ask me a zillion questions about how the man got down.  She eventually decided that the man with a speaker (conductor) gave the other man a ladder.  
  • The train car was all decorated, they read the story to us with people in the aisles showing us the pictures, there were carolers, hot chocolate and cookies.  The hobos came through talking to everyone, the conductor punched the kids tickets with their first initial on it and then Santa came and gave everyone a bell.  Then he walked back through and we were able to snap a picture of the kids with Santa-Campbell didn't want to stand next to him and poor Keaton was terrified!  The train ride did take us this way and then back that way for a bit until we did go by lots of beautiful Christmas lights (on the other side!)  
  • Reagan is getting older but still does enjoy things that her brothers and sisters enjoy.  She is at the point where playing in the baby pool or on the playground will not soon be fun.  (kind of sad)  But when she saw Santa her eyes still sparkled. 
  • When we got off of the train, it was cold outside and we hauled it to the car.  The kids knew that our next stop was Andy's for custard.  And Graham knew that it was cold outside-he said he wanted to eat ice cream but he didn't want to eat there.  Smart boy!  And we didn't have to eat there-we just got it to go and ate it back at the hotel.  
  • Back in the room, the kids watched tv for a long while-Campbell and Graham fell asleep while watching tv.  And then we turned off the lights and everyone else went to sleep as well.  

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