November 28, 2012

God Loves Me!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Looking over yesterday's pictures, I noticed Anderson riding Graham's bike with pants on that looked like capri pants and thought I better explain.  Reagan and Anderson were dressing up like elves and Santa so Anderson needed red pants and Graham's pants were the only ones that we had.  
  • What did Anderson do with his red pants, red shirt and Santa hat?  Well, he ran his belle with a box in front of him saying "money for the poor? money for the poor?" Then he filled a Walmart sack with toys to pass out to everyone.
  • I guess I am playing catch up because another thing that happened yesterday was us discussing Santa's naughty and nice list.  Anderson said "oh, I just hope I am on the nice list, I just hope."  Reagan then moaned "I bet I am on the naughty list" and Anderson nodded in agreement and said "probably so."  
  • Graham was in our bed fairly early-well I know that it was light outside so it probably wasn't that early.  Soon at least 3 kids were in our bed and Keaton was fussing ready to join the party.  Robby got her out of bed while I jumped in the shower.  Soon everyone was eating breakfast.
  • After breakfast, we had school-that silly Reagan daily finishes before Anderson.  I am going to have to find something for her to do that takes awhile so they can finish at about the same time.  Everyone was anxious to finish so that we could turn the monorail on by the tree.  
  • The boys had chocolate milk, Reagan had hot chocolate and Campbell had regular milk (she doesn't like chocolate milk-though probably has never tried it).  The monorail was circling the tree as everyone worked on putting beads on pipe cleaners to make snowflakes.  We almost finished but they still have some more snowflakes to make before we hang them.
  • Then it was lunch time followed by some laundry.  And after someone went to the bathroom, they discovered my stash of toilet paper rolls.  So I just sat and made binoculars after binoculars for everyone.  Even Keaton got in on the act-she brought me one toilet paper tube which I happily wrapped with tape like I had done to everyone else's pair of tubes.
  • Soon it was nap time and Campbell never had herself a nap.  She called me upstairs to tell me that she was finished with her drink, asked for a book, tried to convince me that she had already taken a nap and on my fourth trip upstairs, I just went ahead and got her up.  Her first questions were "did Reagan have a nap too?" followed by "did Graham have a snack?"
  • Before too long, it was time to load up for our evening-after forgetting the Awana bags one time, I am pretty obsessive about having them with us (though I will probably forget them next week now).  First up was our stop at Beebee and Papaws.  
  • Anderson said that he didn't want to go to see them today.  He said that he knew he wouldn't be good and would get into trouble so he didn't want to go.  I tried to explain that he could be good (but really, it is pretty hard for a 5 year old boy to be stillish and relatively quiet for 40 minutes in a small space).  Thankfully, he along with everyone else were really good today-helped that Beebee and Papaw were passing out candy-lots and lots of candy.  I may have to send them my dentist bill.
  • Then to church-Anderson is a verse saying machine and is trying his best to catch up with Reagan who is also saying a ton of verses each week.  Graham was so proud to say his verse since him and Reagan worked on his verses this morning.  And Campbell is just happy to see Cubbie Bear-I bet she thinks "that bear sounds familiar, kind of like Daddy" but she probably can't put all of that into words.
  • Keaton just walked right into her class as happy as she can be.  Her teachers were worried that she had fever when I picked her up-were also worried about that on Sunday when we picked her up.  I think that child just plays to hard or cuddles so much that she gets hot.  Who knows but she didn't feel warm at home and sure doesn't act like she is sick.  
  • At home, Robby passed out treats for everyone's good behavior at Beebee and Papaw's place.  Then it was time for bed-Wednesdays wear me out.