November 4, 2012

Mastering the Lego's!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids woke up around 6:30 despite it being time change Sunday so that was ok.  Robby kept telling them to "be quiet" over the monitor but eventually he just gave up and told the boys to get Campbell out of the bed and then to go the toy room-this bought us a few more minutes to lay in bed before all of the footsteps came down the hall.
  • We had our breakfast and finished off the last pop tarts in the house (gasp!)  So tomorrow it will be toast for this crew for breakfast.  After I put Keaton's dress on her, Campbell ran upstairs to gather her dress, pantyhose and pull up and brought them downstairs.  She is so independent-not always a good thing.  Actually, she has been quite a fussy, naughty little girl lately.  Hopefully, that will be over by the end of the week.  
  • Church was fine today-Keaton walked to Ms. Patricia without a fuss and with excitement.  Reagan was happy to see all of us and excited about a movie that she had watched with Kennedy last night.  Campbell also walked into her class and loves her Ms. Shirleys and Mr. Ralph.  Anderson loves cookie club.  Graham and his entire Sunday school class made s'mores-2 sterno cans and 15 4 year olds-he has some wild and crazy Sunday school teachers (us included!)
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids all loved playing with Lilly and Cash before and after lunch.  Before lunch, they all sat around looking at toy catalogs making their Christmas list.  After lunch, we sent them outside so they would forget about those lists!
  • Back at home, the little girls had a nap, the other three watched a movie and the big two (Robby and me) also had a nap.  After after about 30 minutes of down time, it was time to regroup, redress, reload and return to church.  
  • The kids enjoy choir and Reagan was super happy that her class had cookies to start their Christmas celebration early.  Campbell and Keaton enjoyed going to the coffee shop with us and eating a few packages of crackers and a bite or two of our cookies.  Then we dropped them off at their class-Keaton walked right in and Campbell walked in and Ms. Sonia was braiding her hair before we left.  
  • Graham fell asleep during church and even let out a few snores.  I was just relieved that it wasn't Robby over there snoring.  After church, we headed home for supper (a very late supper) and ice cream truck.  The kids were pretty tired tonight but did gobble down their ice cream and we never heard a peep out of them after we tucked them in (everyone was in their own beds tonight!)

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