November 27, 2012

Is that Santa on a monorail?
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  • I always feel a bit bad for Graham on mornings when he has to go to school and no one else here is leaving the house (except Robby).  But he never seems to mind and happily gets dressed.  It does help having someone pick him up from school as Grannymom did today.
  • After Graham left, we had breakfast here and then I picked up for a few minutes before starting school.  I was in another room and heard Anderson ask Campbell where mom was.  Campbell didn't miss a beat when she replied back to him "Anderson, Momma went to Disneyworld."  This is what we tell them when they are relentlessly asking where someone is.
  • We did school this morning and it was a fairly calm morning.  Reagan breezed through her work and was finished really quickly.  Later she told me that she had 3 empty boxes so that was the reason she finished fast.  Though I did give her a bit of extra work to finish and then had her write a few names on my Christmas tags.  Actually I was doing anything to keep her busy while Anderson finished up his work.  It worked and he didn't get discouraged.
  • So we have a new reading jar-when anyone reads for 20 minutes, they get to put a rock in the jar.  Once it is full we will do something fun as a family-like go to Larry, go bowling or something like that. Reagan was so excited to start her reading-she earned 2 rocks today.  I thought that Anderson was going to read some too to earn a rock but he got distracted.  He did tell me that he didn't have anything to read so I found him a pile of books to read.
  • By 11, the kids were going nuts-running around the house playing chase, screaming and yelling.  I should have just sent them outside but just served them lunch and counted down the time until nap time!  
  • We tested Christmas tree light bulbs, changed out some toys, folded laundry and before I knew it, it was indeed time for those naps.  I debated a nap for me but worked on Christmas ornaments, a bit of wrapping (seriously, it isn't even December yet), organizing our snack cabinet and generally doing everything except taking a nap myself.  
  • Soon the kids were asking to go outside and we all headed out.  It didn't take too long for Anderson to find his new coat and after seeing him I realized that I was cold too-so I bundled up Keaton and Campbell some more.  We walked to the end of the driveway-had thought about taking a real walk but the neighbor girl asked if we were going on a walk and I didn't want any tag alongs.  
  • Anderson had tons of energy outside-I had never seem him jump so high as when he jumped in the leaves and he ran across the yard showing me a rake that he discovered in the yard.  After awhile outside, I decided that Keaton and I were cold and we went inside to start on supper.
  • Robby and Graham made it home and Graham was so happy to be home.  At supper, he told us all about his day and how he had gotten used to Cash's dog.  We had bbq for supper and everyone ate quite a bit of it-bbq needs to be a standard Dennie meal around here.
  • After supper, Robby and I started on the lights on our big tree.  It wasn't too difficult with 5 kids watching.  Then we all worked on putting the monorail together.  As it circled the tree, the kids were enthralled with it and could  have watched it go around and around for hours.  Next up it was bedtime for Keaton and a movie for the others while Robby and I decorated our Christmas tree.
  • This is the first year that we have too many ornaments to fit on our tree.  We will have to get another tree next year so we can hang up all of our travel ornaments and not store any.  Tree looks good and my favorite ornaments are the wackiest that we have hanging: elk antlers, syrup bottle, large cup, yo yo, golf ball and a tambourine.  

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