November 20, 2012

One of us seems scared :)
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  • Last night was eventful to sat the least.  While Robby and I were watching tv, he heard fussing upstairs and as he was half way up there called down for me.  He said that he needed "reinforcement"-to me this meant that someone had gotten sick and we were going to have a mess to clean.  But thankfully, he only needed reinforcements because two were fussing.
  • Campbell and Graham were both fussing.  I am not sure who wakes who up but this is the second night that they have done this.  They both don't feel 100%.  We propped Campbell's head up so she could breathe better and got a cracker for Graham to munch on since he didn't eat any of his supper.
  • Then on the way down the steps, I was busy looking at a hole in my socks and not the steps and I slipped down about 6 steps.  Robby heard me and thought I had had enough with one of the kids and chunked them down the steps.  I landed on my back so that was a good thing but today I feel like I have been run over by a train.  Obviously, my back is crazy soar and probably very bruised.  But when I was catching myself, I caught myself with my shoulder.  I can't lift my shoulder very much today and though I think it is improving, I probably see a doctor's appointment in my near future.  That's what I can do on Black Friday since my Christmas shopping will mostly be done by then!
  • Around 3, Graham joined us in bed and afterwhile I saw Robby get up.  I knew he was moving to another bed but I was not yet awake enough to tell him that it was my turn to leave the bed and sleep soundly.  So he left injured me with a snoring, kicking, coughing, turning around little guy.
  • Campbell was the first one to wake up and she was going strong and soon we could tell that Graham was feeling better too.  So he loaded up to go to school with Robby-he was more excited about Grannymom picking him up than school.  But he probably still had a good day at school-5 of his classmates have been absent the last two days so they are all probably getting lots of attention.  Yesterday, I said to him that I bet Ms. Stacy was sad that all of their friends were absent.  He replied back with "no, she was glad."  And after a few minutes of thinking, I would probably agree!
  • The rest of us started school this morning.  Today, I had only three things planned-catch up on science reading, work on our science box and write a letter to Burger King (for taking away our cinna minis).  I was so pleased that I was skipping real school today but soon I caught Reagan's sour mood.  She dictated her letter to me, I wrote it down and then she was too copy it.  She asked if she could send my letter instead of the one that she wrote and I said no.  Immediately, she started crying saying that she couldn't do it and that she didn't write as neat as me.  Explaining that I have had a few more years of practice didn't help at all.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the room Anderson was chugging along on writing his letter out.  I might should have reminded him to make a space between words but I did mention it to him after school. 
  • Soon we finished with our school, they played while Keaton had a nap and I did a bit of house work. Light housework because of my shoulder-can't lift much and sweeping is not an option (someone remember that for the next few days please!)  Campbell helped me with lunch-unevenly distributing the goldfish to her plate.  
  • After our late lunch, everyone played a bit longer and then it was time to load up to go to Grannymom's house.  I was going to do a bit of grocery shopping while the kids played over there.  Just a word of advice-grocery shopping on the day before the day before Thanksgiving is never a great idea!  It was nuts-absolutely nuts.  When I parked the big van on the last spot, it wasn't because I was worried about parking close to another car-I had to park on the last spot because that was the only place left in the parking lot.  Despite all of the craziness (and my store being out of quite a bit of things that I needed) I loved every minute of it.  
  • I then picked up the kids who had been digging for worms (the boys, Cash and Campbell), played family (Reagan and Lilly) and ran until they were exhausted (Keaton).  And my, I wonder where I set those worms-anyway, after supper the kids had baths (seriously, it had been months since they have had baths-don't call scan-they are more shower kids now).
  • Then we watched a short movie and another short one and possibly even another one.  And then we put the kids to bed and had ourselves a party!  Well, if you count cheese dip and cookies as a party (we do!)   

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