November 5, 2012

Prepping for breakfast!
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  • Man, you just got to love Monday mornings.  The kids were awake but I still had to stir them to get them out of bed.  We were out of those poptarts so the kids put up a bit of a fuss about toast and cereal (even though those things used to be favorites around here).
  • We made it to Nonna and Pops' house to drop of Keaton and Campbell, then to Graham's class to drop him off and even had a few minutes to spare to read some of our Little House on the Prairie book before taking Reagan and Anderson into school.
  • Of course, when I was walking Anderson into his class, I remembered the thing that I was trying to remember this morning-today was boy's show and tell.  I can't believe I forgot-with Reagan last year, we packed a "back up show and tell" in her bag just in case we forgot.  I guess I will have to do that with Anderson.
  • I ran to do a bit of Christmas shopping (nearing halfway finished).  Then to see my work kid and then to pick up Graham.  My G has just been having a hard time adjusting to leaving school and being back at home.  Today he was in a sour mood at Nonna's house so when we arrived home I told him that he had to take a nap.  Poor kid was so sorry and apologetic.  He even told me "I will be good next time Momma."  He never went to sleep but a little bit of a rest seems to do everyone good.  
  • Keaton had a long afternoon nap and Campbell did as well.  I was able to get a most of today's list accomplished.  Before too long, Reagan and Anderson arrived home with Robby and they also had sonic drinks for everyone.  Robby has caught my cold for last week so he needed a drink to perk himself up.
  • The kids were pretty wound up this afternoon and around 5, Robby was trying to finish up work while the boys were playing football above him, Graham busted his lip, Keaton was fussing for supper, Anderson was mad that he didn't get to help work on our snowman and needless to say, it was pretty noisy.  We were all banished to the school room and I was able to calm everyone down and we all started working on our snowman project.  Soon Robby was off of the phone and we all started supper.  
  • The kids finished their supper, sipped on their sonic drinks some more and finished up with leftover cake.  Then it was pajamas time and they all helped me make monkey bread for tomorrow's breakfast.  It does smell so good that I hope Robby and I can resist it tonight.  Then Robby read them Graham's book for book character day tomorrow.  He is dressing up like Alexander from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Going to be so cute!

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