November 10, 2012

Making smores with the Stotts!
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  • Anderson told me that him and Graham woke up at 5:30 at Jason's house.  I hope that isn't true but is probably the reason that they are absolutely exhausted tonight.  After more playing over there, then they headed to Orange Leaf for some ice cream and then to Nonna and Pops' house to play and have lunch.  When I asked if they had a good time, Anderson replied with "oh, yes, yes."  
  • The girls woke up here around 7:30 and it is so odd-when one or more kids are not here, the whole dynamic of the house changes.  Campbell and Reagan were inseparable this morning and just wanted to be down stairs with us and Keaton.
  • After breakfast, they helped me do a bit of cooking and then we had a few minutes before Campbell and I left for Aiden's birthday party.  Campbell was so excited because this was her first friend's birthday to go to.  When I asked last night, who's party we were going to, she replied with "my birthday."  Even though it wasn't here party, she was delighted with the number 3 shaped cookies, cupcake and chex mix.  She even helped Aiden open some of his presents and was adorable singing Happy Birthday.
  • Back at home, Keaton was taking a nap, Robby was working in the garage and Reagan had no idea what to do all by herself.  Think about it though, it is pretty rare for anyone to ever really be home alone.  So none of our kids probably really know how to play by themselves.  And to top it off, Keaton was sleeping where all of Reagan's art supplies are so she couldn't do any of that stuff.  Later in the day, she told me that it was "strange" being home without anyone else.  
  • After Aiden's party, Campbell and I picked up a few things from Sams and then picked up the boys from Pops' house.  They weren't too happy to see me but when I said that the cupcakes for Anderson's birthday celebration at school on Monday (a month early) would melt in the hot car, they agreed to come with me.
  • At home, everyone was happy to be back together again.  They all played together until nap time for the little girls.  Poor Keaton never fell asleep during nap time but I did-at least for a few minutes during   the first quarter of some football game that was on.  After awhile, it was time to clean up upstairs so they could all destroy it again tonight.
  • The Stotts came over and we had chili, cheesecake and s'mores.  I hadn't made a cheesecake since before Robby and I were married-it was pretty good tonight.  The chili was very good and we have enough leftovers to eat on until Christmas!  
  • The kids loved making the s'mores but Reagan and Kennedy were the only ones who ate the actual s'mores.  But they all liked the playing in the fire with big sticks part!  After everyone left, we put all of the kids to bed and then remembered that we probably should have given them baths before bed.  So that is top priority on the list tomorrow!

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