November 29, 2012

7 Years, 2 Months
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  • Yesterday, Reagan was telling me that she wanted to learn to speak "Mexican" and I said "Spanish" to which she replied "Mexican, like in Mexico."  Before I could explain Anderson piped in with "I can speak Spanish: You will love our cheese dip."  Seriously, my son thinks that "you will love our cheese dip" is a Spanish phrase.  
  • This morning started like most of the rest-Graham was up first and soon we were moving quickly getting everyone ready for the day.  Robby took most of the kids to Grannymom's house and I dropped off Graham so I could run to Benton to work on a few on my charts.  Then I beat it back to WLR to see my kid.  
  • My schedule quickly changed when I found out that I needed to take Keaton to get her second flu shot before 11:15.  So I picked her up from Grannymom's house and we headed to the doctor.  That child was so happy at the doctor's office-until she got her shot.  Then she just glared at the nurse-she cried for a minute and then it was just an evil glare.  
  • She perked up by the time we got back to the car and spent our time in Sams and Walmart waving at passersby.  Every so often she would get upset and fuss until I would hand her my keys or anything else I could get my hands on.
  • After buying our 8 gallons of milk for the week, we headed back to Grannymom's house to pick up the others.  Speaking of my 8 gallons of milk, reminds me of a story I saw on the news tonight.  These girls were living in a church shelter and they just sobbed as they said the worse part was having to ride in the church van to school.  Those pitiful girls but my poor kids-we aren't even homeless and they will have to ride places in a big ole church van.
  • Surprisingly, everyone was fairly ready to head home this afternoon.  Anderson was in a mood and upset that Reagan wouldn't play soccer with him.  When the child gets in a mood like that it lasts-lasted through school today.  Had a melt down about doing his spelling words-just stalled and then refused to double the l's, f's, and s' and would vehemently tell me that you spell doll as "dol" and stuff as "stuf."  It didn't take too long for me to have enough and tell him that he had one more chance later in the school day and then he would do his spelling with his Daddy.  That lit a fire under him and he did much better on his second round of spelling words.
  • After school, his rough day continued-they were all outside with a few of the neighbor kids.  They were far away from the garage where I was when I heard him hollering about something.  I peeked out and to me it looked like he hit the neighbor girl.  I immediately asked if he hit her-he said no, neighbor said no and Reagan also said no.  Then Anderson said that neighbor girl hit him on the bottom with a stick, neighbor said that happened, Reagan then acted like she hadn't seen a thing, neighbor was told to go home and go home immediately.  Then she just sat on the other neighbors driveway watching the kids in my yard-made me feel bad for a nano second.  
  • Later, I tried to explain to Reagan that I wanted to know what happened but she wouldn't tell me anything.  Acted like she hadn't seen or heard a thing.  I can understand not wanting to get anyone in trouble but we had a conversation about always sticking up for our brothers and sisters.  
  • Nonna had picked up Graham from school and they even went shopping for Campbell's Christmas present (the kids drew names).  He was so excited about his purchase and can not wait to wrap it and give it to her.  They made it home just in time to see the big truck deliver Robby's evening project-a game table and 8 chairs for the bonus room.  
  • We all had supper and then Robby thrilled Reagan by letting her watch a new Disney show-well we thought it was a show but it lasted and lasted and lasted.  Finally, the only way they would let us turn it off was to have our ice cream truck box show up.  After that is was bedtime for them and work time for Robby!