November 23,2012

Chuck-E-Cheese with Nonna & Pops!
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  • The boys started stirring around 6:30 and that was my cue to get out of the house.  I jumped in the van and headed to Kroger, Sports Academy, Lifeway and to get gas.  At every place, I picked up exactly what I needed and then hopped in line.  Lines weren't bad except at Lifeway-those people were crazy there. I even heard a few "amens" being sprinkled around the room.  
  • Back at the house, Robby pulled some doughnuts out the freezer for the boys and when they finished up, Keaton woke up for her doughnut.  Keaton feels fine but still has a cold-her eyes stay nasty and red no matter what all we do and her nose is pretty yucky too.  If our eyes were as gooey as hers, we would continually rub them but she never does.  Hopefully, they will be on the mend tomorrow.
  • I returned right after breakfast and the boys were coming downstairs all wearing hats and asking to go outside.  It was still wet so we told them they could go out after watching a tv show.  Soon, Zach, Cash, Anderson and Graham were all outside playing around.  They had the wagon out, a jump rope and a few walking sticks.  I am not really sure what all they were doing but they all worked together and were pretty content outside.  At one time, Graham did come inside and after a few minutes all 3 of the other boys came in looking for him.  Anderson said "woo, we thought you had gone into the woods."
  • The boys eventually moved inside to play-they build a fort and worked on it for a long, long time.  Boys just are different than girls.  It is pretty amazing-no one fussed our fought.  And I even heard Robby tell all of them something that I have never heard him say to the girls: "Everyone go potty-not at the same time."  
  • Robby was getting pretty antsy this morning so we decided to load up and go eat at Sams.  He didn't want to be too productive nor did he just want to sit around so we just went to shop.  We tried to start the rear movie in the big van on the way but it didn't work and since we have had a bit of difficulty before-we just dropped it off.  
  • Then at Sams, the boys all sat down while Robby ordered.  Then they all ate hot dogs, pizza, churros and slushies.  And while we were eating, we received two compliments on how well behaved those 4 boys were.  We just smiled and thanked them like they were all our own kids.  Robby later said "of course they are all being good, they have slushies and churros."
  • Meanwhile, Campbell was out at Chuck E Cheese with Nonna, Pops and Jason.  That child was so happy-she has been wanting to go there for a long time-though she had no idea what Chuck E Cheese  was all about.  Nonna and Pops met us at Sams and dropped her off-she was so proud to see her brothers and tell them about her tickets and what all she won-candy, a bracelet, a slinky and a rubber snake (why the snake? because everyone else has come home from Chuck E Cheese with a snake).
  • We dropped Zach off at Sams with his folks and then headed to Grannymom's house for a few minutes.  We stayed and watched the first half of the football game-well, Campbell slept in Robby's lap and they both snored together.  Next up we dropped Cash off and picked Reagan up.  So we were all together as a family again for about 10 minutes.
  • Because our next stop was dropping Anderson and Robby off at the movie theater so they could get their turn see Wreck It Ralph.  The rest of us headed home-Keaton had a nap, Reagan repacked her bag for a night at Kennedy's house and we also had supper.
  • Oh, Campbell did open her early birthday present for Zach and Joshua.  She was so excited and when she finished she looked at me and said "where is my rest."  She thought that today was her party and was wondering where the rest of her presents were.  That little child will be in heaven when her birthday party actually arrives-just in a month!  
  • We then loaded back up to meet Kennedy to drop of Reagan for the night.  And then we picked up Anderson and Robby from the movie.  Anderson really enjoyed the movie and was even ready to watch more tv when he walked in the door at home-that request was denied.  
  • Keaton was going strong tonight-she just ran around and around the couch upstairs while we all sat and watched the parade from yesterday.  I believe that this is Graham's 3rd time to watch the parade but he loves it.  Campbell and Keaton even danced along with the some of the dancers.  
  • Eventually, we put everyone to bed-seems like an empty house tonight with only 4 kids here!  

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