November 15, 2012

No Cavities!
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  • The kids did better today waking up and only started whispering at 6:50.   But the roles were reversed and we could hear Campbell shouting at Reagan and Anderson-"it's not 7, Daddy put you in the closet."  Not that we would do that or anything.
  • I think that Reagan and Anderson were pretty excited about going to Nonna's house today (they are usually at school when the little girls go) or maybe they were excited about going to the dentist.
  • Keaton was the only one who didn't get to eat breakfast at home but she did at Nonna's house.  Reagan, Anderson and even Campbell did a bit of school work and even a craft project this morning. Nonna said that they worked on them for a long while but at home this afternoon everyone worked for at least another hour.
  • I was a bit worried that Graham wasn't going to want to go to school but he had plenty to tell his classmates-dentist this afternoon and then Branson tomorrow.  Graham really enjoys school lately and he really enjoys doing his "kindergarten" work at home.  Other work that I would give him, he would never really want to do but he begs to do his new "kindergarten" work.  I have to sit and work with him (he probably enjoys this time) but whatever it takes for him to want to do home school is good with me.
  • I ran to work and shortly thereafter, ran back to pick up Graham.  We swung by to grab Reagan and Anderson and headed off to the dentist.  Campbell understood that she wasn't coming on this trip (but did think she was getting to go to the dentist when we left Nonna's house later-should have taken her because she was pretty devastated that she didn't get a new toothbrush and all kinds of loot.  Don't worry, I had a spare new toothbrush that she received tonight.
  • Let me brag on my big kids for a minute.  They were just perfect at the dentist.  Perfect.  I actually should have just sent them to the dentist earlier in the day with Grandpa.  Anderson and Reagan went first and when Reagan finished, Graham took her spot in the chair.  Everyone had xrays and there was only one spot on Reagan's teeth to watch.  When I heard the dentist mention it, I almost threw up in panic-I might possible had told the kids that if anyone had any cavities there would no money for Christmas.  Can you imagine that pandemonium that the word "cavity" would have caused?  I wasn't being mean when I said that-they had been telling each other "I hope you have a cavity" and I wanted to put a stop to it. 
  • On our way home, we picked up the girls who were so happy to see us.  Keaton didn't seem to mind last time when I showed up and then left again but this time she was ready to get in the car.  Once at home, Campbell and her had a nap while the rest of us worked on school-but we had been kicked out of the school room-a bit of construction was happening in there.
  • The kids all adapted well to the kitchen table and we were finished in no time.  And then I started hurrying around packing.  Of course this is the time when I also had to wake up the girls and the time of the day that Graham really gets tired and starts being a bit fussy.  Though his fits/fussiness is greatly improving (don't worry though because Campbell is becoming our trouble maker now!)  Tonight he was the first one to share with Campbell-my sweet little boy is growing up.  
  • After playtime for the kids and a movie, we made them help pick up and they really do a pretty good job-when they want to.  We had leftovers for supper and then we blocked everyone out of the kitchen while Robby and I cleaned up-those blasted cupcakes always make a mess!
  • A few books and then it was bedtime for the crew.  They are all so excited-they all just love a trip like Robby.  We could be going to Cabot for a few days and they would be just as excited!

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