November 25, 2012

Sunday Night = Ice Cream Truck Night!
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  • Sunday morning and the kids (all but Reagan) were stirring early.  Anderson was helpful and hoisted Campbell out of bed-goodness, hope one of them don't hurt their backs doing that!  And soon there were 3 kids in our bed and I was trapped in the middle trying to figure out how to get out.  
  • I fed the hungry ones, woke Keaton up to feed her and then roused Reagan out of bed.  That child is still exhausted from her two nights away-and exhaustion with Reagan leads to a sassy attitude (Robby is making her write sentences tomorrow: I will respect my parents)
  • Church was our morning activity.  Graham was a little wound up in Sunday school continually saying that word banana but that was quickly squelched with my reminder that Mr. Robby was in the room and would gladly take him out.  Of course when I said that to him the entire class' behavior improved-now they all might be afraid of Mr. Robby.  
  • In big church, Anderson and Reagan were singing their hearts out.  And in the car on the way home, Anderson was singing out "let the RAIL down, let the praise go up."  Rail/veil-pretty close.  
  • Oh, yes, also in big church, the preacher said the words "for you clowns in here."  Anderson and Graham's heads immediately began swiveling around looking for the clowns in church.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and the kids were so intrigued by her tree and Snow Village houses that I might be a bit tempted to put up our Snow Village (I said tempted, not crazy-maybe next year-of course we have been saying that for years.)  Even talking about them makes me want to find some on ebay to buy. 
  • Back at home, it was nap time for most.  Our grand plan was to put on the Christmas tree-we thought that we weren't having church tonight so we just pulled out some Christmas boxes to get everything ready for tomorrow (maybe).  
  • After those blessed naps, we had a quick supper.  It didn't end so well-Graham again was continually saying banana.  And when I asked what he wanted and he said banana-he got one and was told to sit and eat it all.  Then Anderson was pretending to put bread in Graham's milk so Anderson's milk was disposed of.  
  • At church tonight, the kids were fine.  Earlier, Campbell caught Robby in a soft moment and asked if she could go to big church.  She was fine-a bit movey but who isn't?  Her only talking was a continual asking of "are we going to have ice cream tonight?"
  • And yes, we did have ice cream-the girls even switched theirs.  Then it was time for a few chores and then bed.  After they were all sleeping, Robby and I had ourselves a pre-Christmas party-a cheese ball, crackers and snickerdoodles.  I love Christmas!

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