November 3, 2012

Cornbread Festivities!
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  • After staying up so late last night, the crew all slept well this morning.  After breakfast, we all even ended up hanging out in the toy room for a bit.  Robby and I don't really hang out up there very much but the kids were so happy to have us up there.  Funny though, most of the time it doesn't even seem like we have 5 kids-everyone was playing so happily.  
  • Our event this morning was the cornbread festival since the cheese dip festival was such a hit.  If the cheese dip one was an A+ then this one was a C.  Our first clue should have been the different start times that we had found.  Robby had prepaid but it seemed like anyone could have just walked up and had some cornbread.  The advertised jumpy area was not included in the admission (imagine my kids disappointment).  It was crowded (hard to maneuver the stroller), unorganized (ballots hard to come by) and a little warm.  All that to say, we still had a pretty good time and had some good cornbread-fried cornbread, some with apples in it and even some cornbread with ice cream (we didn't try it though).
  • To ease the kids disappointment, we did stop and pick up some frostys on the way home.  By that time it was 12:30 and everyone then headed off to play.  During the festival, I was a bit worried about Graham-he was just in a mopey funk.  I was afraid he was sick but turns out he must have just been tired from last night, hot from the sun and disappointed to find out that he didn't like cornbread!
  • Anderson ended up outside playing with little neighbor boy.  They played outside for a long time and when Robby checked the mail, we received two lego magazines.  So Anderson and neighbor sat outside looking at the magazines for quite some time.  Later when Anderson came back in the house, he went upstairs to recreate a glass with a straw like he had seen in that magazine.  Robby said that it took him a long time but he worked so hard at it.
  • Around 5, I dropped Reagan off with Kennedy.  They were going to run a few errands, eat supper (good since my crew never had lunch) and even ended up getting a milkshake.  Reagan was so excited to spend the night some where because she was able to use her new overnight bag that she was given for her birthday.  
  • Keaton was being hosed down when I left to take Reagan.  That poor child has had a yucky tummy for a few days-hopefully it is just teething because she still has quiet the appetite.  She finished off a grilled cheese sandwich and fussed until I caved and gave her some coke and cake with the other kids.  Hey, you only live once!  
  • Everyone watched a movie and when it was over, it should have been bedtime but Graham was already asleep.  So we had to stir him so he could eventually fall back asleep.  Since the Breeders Cup was on the kids started watching it.  Anderson was so excited rooting for one horse, though he wouldn't tell us who he was cheering for-until it was over and then said that he was cheering for the winner (that's my boy!)
  • At bedtime, Graham decided he wanted to sleep in Anderson's bed and Anderson was fine to sleep in Graham's bed.  All of these changes made Campbell want to sleep in Reagan's bed-so we quickly added the rail and told her that if she got out of bed, she would get 5 spankings.  Imagine her surprise when Robby walked in later after they had been quite noisy and found her standing by Anderson.  She indeed got her 5 spankings but I think that she won't be getting out of bed anytime soon. 
  • Of course, before all of that happened Campbell was the one telling the boys to be quiet.  She was taking on the part of Reagan who usually is the one telling everyone to be quiet and go to sleep!

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