November 14, 2012

Which one of these is trouble?
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  • Last night as Robby and I were going to bed, we looked out and saw 4 deer in the yard.  Pretty amazing-every once in a while, I will leave my trash bag on the back patio and it gets munched on.  Now we are wondering if it could be the deer doing this since apparently there are so many.
  • Yesterday the kids slept in but today, a day that we had no where to go, they were all up at 6:30.  Not just up, but up and talking loudly and some where even putting on their clothes before 7.  Craziness.  We eventually just turned off the monitor and let them have at it.  Robby did make them clean up the toy room very early in hopes that they would play up there more today.
  • And that did work some but it is funny because they have really started playing games in the bonus room.  Most of the time, they play some version of the game and don't need my help.  I do have to keep on everyone to keep that room cleaned-imagine 4 kids playing 4 games up there-pieces everywhere.
  • We had breakfast in the school room and at 10, I looked at the clock and we were almost finished with school.  After finishing everyone up and doing our science and geography, it was 10:45 but that gave me plenty of time to start packing a few things.
  • Keaton had a short morning nap so she was more than ready for her afternoon nap.  She was ready for her afternoon nap before lunch even.  Reagan and Campbell helped me make lunch-edamame, soup, mac and cheese and bananas.  And then to top it all off, they had cupcakes for dessert.  Those cupcakes make the hugest mess. I thought about making them eat outside but it was too cold so I put a blanket down to control the crumbs but they still ended up everywhere.  I will have to ban cupcakes in the house.
  • Next up, we read a few books and it was nap time for Campbell and Keaton.  I ran around getting things ready to leave.  And before long, it was time to wake up the girls.  When I got Campbell up, it seemed that her cold had settled in her eye-it was a bit gunky and swollen.  So I did what most mothers would do-combed her hair and made sure that some loose ends were covering her eye.  Someone usually always gets sick before a trip.
  • We had supper at Beebee and Papaw's place-the kids had stopped eating the corndogs that I was bringing so I brought pb and js.  They did devour them so that will work for a few weeks.  At church, Keaton has decided that she doesn't like Ms. Patricia anymore and threw herself a fit when I dropped her off.  Anderson is now unstoppable at saying her verses and earned 2 more jewels tonight.  And Reagan was tickled that her grade was having a pizza party.  
  • Back at home, they all had a snack and then it was bedtime.  Big day tomorrow-dentist day!

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