Disney World 2013: October 3, 2013

On the road again!!

  • The morning started before 7 with Graham asking Reagan over and over again what time it was.  She never answered him so he just asked louder each time.  This didn’t go over too well so finally I just called him to our bed.  As always, he had a zillion questions about the whens, wheres and hows about the trip.  He is our child that really thinks about everything that is said.
  • Next downstairs was the child who thinks about very little.  Campbell is all about having a good time and doesn’t let little details (like rules or other people) get in her way.  The boys have started taking off their shirts in the middle of the night so she certainly will not be left out of that at
    all.  So wearing only her pajamas pants she joined my bed.
  • By this time it was 7 so I got up to start getting ready.  Everyone soon had breakfast and then Campbell and I were out the door for school.  I usually do not take her to school so I enjoyed getting to see her in her classroom for a bit.
  • On the way to school, her and Keaton were having a pretty big discussion over who was taking the baby doll on the trip.  Poor Campbell kept telling Keaton that Santa gave it to her (Santa thought about buying two but didn’t think it was needed-he will do better next year).  And poor Keaton knows it is Campbell’s baby doll but also knows that she has slept with that doll every night since he came to our house.  
  • Finally they settled that and Campbell, who was holding the baby, started singing to it.  She sang “go to sleep, go to sleep.”  I know that it wasn’t that early in the morning but I sure didn’t need anyone singing me to sleep on the drive to school.  I was doing some yawning when I had to tell Campbell to pick a new song to sing.
  • Back at home, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were doing a long list of chores-make their beds, brush their teeth, clean a sink, straighten a closet, clean their desks.  I had a pretty big list for them to do so I sweetened the pot with a promise of a dollar for each of them if things were accomplished with excellence.  They did pretty good but no one asked for their dollar...maybe they will forget.
  • I wish that I could have made Keaton do some chores at home.  Robby and I were running around packing, cleaning and loading the car and my Keaton was helping in her own way.  I guess she thought she was packing because she brought me handfuls of her clothes and Whitman’s box of socks.  I tried to tell her that I had clothes already but they just kept coming.  She would bring them to me and I would walk to put them back up and as I left the closet she was coming in to get more out of the drawers.
  • Grannymom came over to drop off their suitcases since their airlines charges for all luggage and soon it was time for us to leave.  Our goal as to leave at 10:45 and even though the kids were nearly loaded then, we still didn’t leave until 11:10.  We barely made it to school before you have to do the car pool line.
  • When we did make it to school, I told Campbell to go and potty.  Ms. Hannah asked her as well and Campbell went but she wasn’t too pleased.  I could hear her in the potty saying “I don’t even need to go potty.”
  • We were then on the road!  We stopped around 12:30 for gas (we didn’t have time to get any before picking up Campbell) and lunch at the new McDonalds.  We ate in the car but certainly used their restrooms before loading back up.  
  • I drove after lunch because Robby had to do some work!  We had our lunch, fought the construction traffic and pressed on down the road.  We did enjoy a few rice krispty treats-our Disney tradition.  Now usually I make them in the shape of Mickey but I ran out of time last night and really, a rice krispy treat is a rice krispy treat!  I take that back actually, these do have white chocolate in them and are delicious!
  • After we passed through more trucks that I have ever seen, Robby decided that he would drive again so we stopped for a potty break and a bit more gas.  Speaking of gas-can you believe that we saw gas for 2.99?  Whoop, that means only 84 dollars to fill up this gas guzzler.  They are practically giving it away (read that sentence with sarcasm please)
  • We stopped a few more times--or maybe not--I don’t really know.  Ha!  A stop for lunch, a stop for the potty and then a potty/supper stop.  We debated finding some place real to eat but figured it would be best to get back on the road.  So after the kids pottied, I led everyone in a game of Simon Says and Follow the Leader on the sidewalk.  As we were loading up to leave with supper in hand, a man came to the car and gave us a bag of gummies.  He said that people would buy stuff for his kids when they were little and he wanted to return the favor.  The kids were thrilled and we made a mental note to return the favor when we have an empty nest.
  • Everyone ate their supper as we traveled down the road - figuring folks would be tired of chicken nuggets since they had that lunch, Robby switched it up to hamburgers for the kids and chicken for us.  We got through Birmingham and by the time we found a decent exit, it was already time to potty again.  Robby has figured out if he’s not driving, he can play on his computer so he’s "letting" me drive - conveniently as the sun goes down but a pretty straight shot to Atlanta at least.  We’re actually staying about 20 minutes south of Atlanta so we won’t have to deal with that traffic in the morning.
  • Actually, our plan is to leave at the crack of dawn to allow plenty of time to get to Orlando and pick up Robby’s parents. They are scheduled to land a little after 1:00.
  • Kids have watched a few movies but around 8:00 they all decided they were tired and asked to turn the tvs off - we’ll have to mark this day down in history.  Everyone has travelled well today and are anxious to make it Mickey’s house tomorrow!

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