October 23, 2013

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A whale of a time...

  • Keaton slept upstairs in the big kid room splendidly last night.  The only drawback is when one person wakes up, then they all wake up.  And since Keaton can not get out of the crib by herself and her brothers nor sisters can help her out safely, I had to traipse up there early this morning to free her.  
  • Then everyone came to my bed before I could even get back to get my spot.  But when there are already 3 kids laying in your spot, you just join the smart one that is laying in the floor with a blanket.  We might have stayed a bit too long in bed because by time to leave for Bible study, I was scrambling (though I did allow time for the kids to empty the trash cans)
  • My kids really love Bible study and everyone seemed to have a great day.  Reagan came with Kennedy and joined us after Bible study.  As I picked up the boys who are in the same class, I told the teacher that if they ever give her any problems to please let me know.  She said that she has boys and the other teacher has boys as well.  Then she told Anderson to make sure that he shows me his picture.  He glued Jonah's whale on the paper and then added a few bubbles-some of the bubbles he glued on in the correct places and then another bubble was used to make the whale a bit gassy!  Boys!
  • Once at home, we unloaded and then Nonna showed up with lunch.  She knew that Wednesdays are crazy, crazy so she brought in sack lunches for everyone.  The kids ate their sandwiches, chips and fruit but the hit was the juice and the pudding.  Nonna stayed around to see everyone's "shows" and "dances" that they performed for her.  That is always exciting (sarcasm!)  
  • Graham found some of his school work for tomorrow and had to do it today so Nonna stayed around for that too.  What did he have to do today, you ask? Well, I had the alphabet written on post it notes that he had to put in order on the wall.  
  • After Nonna left I worked on making Whitman some more baby food-today was squash.  I just bought one since I had no idea what I was doing-I didn't even have an idea of what a squash looked like to tell you the truth.  I succeeded but will need to buy a few more next time but since we are just getting started one was fine.
  • Then I worked with Reagan and Anderson on spelling.  Graham and Anderson practiced their oral reports-Reagan hasn't written hers yet.  I ordered her some library books and they haven't come in yet nor do I have any construction paper to make her project.  Graham is doing his project on Chili (the country my aunt is from) so my uncle sent a big package of stuff from Chili.  
  • Next up was a bit of science reading and then a movie and snack.  Before I could finish putting up the laundry, it was time to jump in the car to head to see Beebee.  On the way, Reagan said "when I am an adult, I just want to find out 2 things."  I thought she was going to say something deep but no.  She continued "I want to know if Santa is real and if the tooth fairy is real."  
  • A few minutes later, the kids were talking about Christmas and I asked Anderson what he was going to ask Santa for.  He thought for a minute and then said "I have one thing that I am going to ask him for-the part for my helicopter."  Last birthday the kid got a remote control helicopter that he loved and we played with for awhile.  Eventually a crash landing broke it and we had intentions of ordering a new part but never did-I do have a spare in the attic but I have never gotten it down either.  
  • The kids were rowdier than I like at Beebee's place.  So rowdy in fact that they were given a good talking to in the car and then again at home from Robby.  They are usually very good so when they get a bit not good-I don't like it at all.  Though my Campbell is something else-I do not know what I am going to do with her at all.  She may join Graham at boarding school!
  • Church was good tonight.  Graham knows that we are the puppets but we adamantly deny it.  Back at home after church, we tried Keaton in the bedroom with the others and she was pretty noisy tonight but must be asleep now.  Hopefully, she will get the hang of sleeping up there soon-that would move Whitman downstairs to the school room.  
  • Speaking of Whitman-he has 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom.  All he wants to do is bite my hand-I am going to have to start wearing rubber gloves or something.  And his new trick is being laid down and falling to sleep with out any fussing.  He is such a good baby-might just be my favorite!  (kidding, I don't have any favorites-well, maybe just a few!)

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