Disney World: October 10, 2013

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Another magical day!

  • This morning started out like many of the rest lately-children in and out of our bed, children with clothes on while others were still laying in bed, babies crying, kindles being played-now I really can't tell you who was doing what things but I do know that they happened and they probably happened this morning.
  • Today's magic started at Magic Kingdom.  The park opened early for resort guests so we were surprised that we could get in a bit early as well and were through the gates before 9.  To get in you have to scan your card and then do your finger-it is a new system to us.  Both of the boys have trouble every single time.  Graham can usually get it the second time or if we help him but Anderson's card is just messed up.  One time the man asked them to switch cards-I tried to explain that their names were on the back but he insisted on trying it-it didn't work.  After Anderson's card doesn't scan, he has to let another person scan it and this does happen each and every time.  Once the person said "oh, that's why" but apparently they never fixed it.  And another person asked what park we had gone to the night before.  I stood looking at her dumbfounded until I could remember what we had done.  All that to say, each time before we scan our cards Anderson says "wish me luck."
  • Grannymom and Grandpa took a few pictures of the Halloween decor while the rest of us walked to the line for the Tomorrowland Speedway.  The line wasn't long so when the others joined us we were able to ride it twice.  My poor girls are not going to be good drivers at all-Reagan would just slam in to the rail back and forth again and Campbell was too distracted by everything else to even remember that she was the one driving. 
  • After finish our drive, the big 3 and I headed to Space Mountain.  The lady asked their ages and then said that Anderson and Graham had to have an adult ride behind them since they were not 8.  I didn't say that we rode yesterday without a problem and just said "oh."  She asked if I had anyone with me and I said that my husband but he was with the baby.  So I asked if a stranger could ride behind them and the worker said that she didn't know.  I guess she found out and put someone behind Anderson-that was fine with me.  Not really sure what that rule was about because hopefully the restraint system would keep them in and they weren't relying on the person behind them to catch them if they came flying out.  And as soon as we finished, Robby rode with them and the lady didn't say anything to them.  
  • While I rode Space Mountain, Robby took the little girls on the speedway again and while he rode Space Mountain, I took everyone else on the Tomorrowland Transit (my favorite Magic Kingdom ride).  Robby and the kids got on as we were nearing the end so we waited on them.  Once we met back up, we went into the Monsters Inc show.
  • The show is a little comedy where they pick on people from the audience.  At one point, they asked for a kid to help with a joke and guess who was called on-Graham.  Seriously, this is his 3rd time to gain the spotlight on this trip!  He was cute-said his name, helped with the joke and said what he wanted to be when asked.  What does he want to be? A race car driver, of course.
  • Then we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride and then found ourselves a table for lunch.  The lunchables finally ran out so today's menu was leftover pizza (Keaton, Anderson, Graham and Campbell) and a turkey rollup (Reagan).  It is funny how quickly you can go through 25 lunchables!
  • Our next activity was the Hall of Presidents for the show.  Disney is lots of fun but there really are some educational things around here.  The movie was good but when they pulled back the curtains and there set all of the presidents-it is pretty impressive.  Reagan told Graham that they were not real and were just wax but then when they started moving, he wanted to know how that was happening.  
  • After the show, we headed to buy the kids hats-we were able to talk the kids out of huge Perry the Platypus or Goofy ear hats.  Well, Campbell was pretty determined to get a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and since it saved 10 bucks, we let her.  They all made good choices and Robby even had to go back inside to grab Keaton one so she wouldn't be left out (she was sleeping during shopping time).  Graham's disney hat that he wore this trip was quickly handed down to the littlest Dennie.
  • Back at the house this afternoon, Grannymom watched the kids as they swam while Robby and I packed.  I continued packing and laundering while Robby swam and then it was time to help put everyone's clothes back on for another evening at the park.
  • We did have supper before we left the house-leftovers including spaghetti, chicken nuggets, nachos, cheese rollup, mac and cheese and more pizza.  Then we were off to Epcot.  Our first activity was the Perry scavenger hunt type thing.  Last year we did the one in the UK and I had read that the one in Mexico was not as great since it was all indoors.  So we knew which countries we didn't want to do and the lady asked what country we wanted "UK or Mexico?"  Really!  All of the other countries were not available-argh.  We did Mexico and it was fine.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa kept Whitman and Robby walked around with Keaton and Campbell so the rest of us could complete the mission and save Perry the Platypus.  Anderson was the most in to the mission.  There was a lot of talking on the phone but some parts were pretty cool-lighting up pinatas to see a secret code, pushing a button to make a rocket fly out of the volcano, seeing Perry pop us, making a skeleton dance.  I think they all enjoyed it and maybe we can do another country on our next visit.
  • The next attraction was riding the Norway boat ride again.  The kids really enjoy that one and then we rode the boat across the lake to Mexico.  Grannymom is getting ready to go to Argentina and since the food festival was going on, Robby bought them an empanada from Argentina.  We explained that we had empanadas made by Sonia before and then all sampled this one.  My aunts were a lot better but those were still delicious.  
  • We made one final stop at the Coke place and then the kids traded pins before we rode the ball one last time.  The weather was beautiful tonight and we could have stayed out longer but there was lots to do when we made it home-laundry, dishes, packing, blah!
  • The kids played the video game here while we did some work and then Robby and I packed most of the car after everyone went to sleep.  The Dennies leave early, early in the morning and then we have one last day at the parks!

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