October 27, 2013

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My purse....!

  • The morning started at 7 just like usual around here-but it was sure dark this morning.  Some day we are going to try to stay in bed all day long only getting up to get food and change the channel on the tv (we won't use the remote so we can get some exercise.)  But today was not today-it was church day. 
  • Before all of the kids had even made their way to our room, I was folding laundry-I do not know what happened but I had 3 full loads of laundry.  And when I say "full" I really mean full loads of laundry.  I do not serparate my colors-instead I cram every single dirty thing into the washing machine and hope for the best.  There are no half loads here-each load is so full that you have to push the door to close or the clothes will start falling out.  All of that is folded but not put up and now there is another load ready to be washed-I think I am going to go absolutely insane if I do another load of laundry in the next 24 hours!
  • Church was next and I decided that my kiddos need to start carrying their own Bibles.  For years, I have carried my Bible and Robby's Bible in my big church bag.  Then I added Reagan's Bible to the bag, then Anderson's Bible when he started coming to big church, then Graham's Bible and now on Sunday nights when Campbell comes, she also wants her Bible.  That would be 6 Bibles in my bag-that has got to stop or I will get scoliosis or osteoporosis or something else bad!  It is now every man for themselves!
  • After church, we ate at Nonna's house and when she pulled out the cake, the kids all became excited wondering if it was their birthday and then they tried to figure out who's birthday it was.  It wasn't anyone's birthday just dessert.  After a bit of playing, it was time to head on home.
  • Campbell and I snuggled and had a nap (I was going to do some house work but Robby talked me out of it-he didn't have to twist my arm).  The others watched a movie and Keaton refused to take a nap-very strange but she has been a bit off today-not sickly at all but just off.  But I guess we all have off days every once in a while.
  • All too soon it was time to load back up for choir and cookie club for the little ones.  And then big church-Graham fell asleep and Campbell was told (by Robby) that she wasn't going to get to come back to big church next Sunday night.  She wasn't pleased with that at all.  
  • At home, we had a quick supper and then ice cream truck.  I am sure that Sundays are crazy at everyone's house-they are sure crazy around here.  

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