October 2, 2013

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He's getting so big!

  • Wednesday morning so we were up and ready pretty early.  After packing all of the clothes yesterday, I had few clothes to choose from for Bible study today.  (As soon as poor Anderson came home he pulled off his shorts and put on pants. He said that those shorts were way too tight. I am afraid I am going to have to go shopping for his clothes-never really had to buy clothes for the kids.  And man do I hate shopping!)
  • Anyway, we made it to Bible study on time and after dropping off the kids, I
    even sat down before it started.  I am fortunate that the boys are in the same class so that is just 5 classes that I have to go to and not 6.  Keaton walked into her class without fussing today-woo hoo!
  • Campbell had a pretty good fall during Bible study.  Bad enough that her teachers told me about it.  I guess she fell off of the slide and scraped her face pretty bad.  It was bad enough that she cried pretty hard and her friend Lilly told her mom about it so she text to check on her. Getting banged in the head was the theme because Keaton got smacked by the van door when one of the boys opened it later.  
  • While we were walking out of Bible study today, Anderson told me that his teachers didn’t understand that he was going to Disney World and not Disneyland.  He was pretty frustrated about it and also said that they asked multiple times if we were going for his Daddy’s work.  
  • Then he asked how many weeks we would miss of Bible study.  I told him that we would only miss one week of Bible study but we would miss two weeks of church.  Anderson then said “aww, I want to learn about Jesus.”  
  • The Dennie van then drove across town to see Beebee.  We stopped first to pick up some lunch.  My plan was to eat inside but I figured Beebee was still having her lunch so we just ate in the car which was easier than dragging all of our stuff in.
  • Beebee was still eating and her chair was trapped behind the table and a bunch of old ladies so we just headed to her room.  She told us that there were doughnuts for us in there.  On the way to her room, Anderson asked “are they healthy doughnuts?”  Not really sure what he meant.  He was quite pleased when he saw that they were Dunkin Doughnuts.  Graham saw the box and said “yum, I just love a dozen.”
  • We visited with Beebee and then headed home.  Our first task at home was to unload the car (everytime we leave the house it is like we have been on a trip-putting up everything when we come home).  Of course we had to put Keaton to bed first but then we had a big project….picking out Halloween costumes.  Now my Graham thought long and hard about wearing his ninja costume from last year (I talked it up as much as I could).  He is my thoughtful child and asked “will we be on a different street this year at Halloween?”  The child didn’t want to wear his same costume if the same people would see him.  
  • Of course no one listened to my suggestions and most everyone will have new costumes-Anderson is going to be a black ninja (as opposed to the great red ninja costume we have), Graham is going to be an army man, Reagan a pumpkin (cute outfit just hope it fits!).  Campbell is going to be a ladybug that we had and Keaton has a few choices that she will have to try on.  And I bought a little skeleton costume/pajamas for Whitman.  
  • Keaton never went to sleep this afternoon so I just got her up and let her watch the movie with others.  Just to explain who is in charge in this house-the other day when Keaton woke up from her nap, she told me “snack.”  I pulled out crackers and she said “no.”  So I tried more crackers and then something else and the answer was “no” again.  After we settled on a snack, she said “coke.”  I said “no” and she said “coke” again.  I was trying to pack so I just let it go and got her some coke!  
  • Soon it was supper time and we had hot dog leftovers.  Last night I said that Anderson was only almost a vegetarian but he still ate hot dogs (and chicken nuggest for lunch).  But tonight he said “Mom, I don’t like hot dogs anymore because of the skin.”  Gracious!
  • Next we had picked out movies for the trip and were headed to church.  On the way we saw a rainbow and I even pulled over in a parking lot so everyone could see it.  In Bible study the little kids had been talking about Noah and Reagan (and I) had been talking about how a rainbow encircled God’s throne in heaven.  
  • We had another easy drop off of the kids tonight.  Keaton didn’t fuss at all so that was nice-maybe she is stopping that habit-until we miss a week or two!
  • Home and quickly sending everyone to bed was next on the list.  After I publish this blog I will have 6 things left on miss list for tonight.  Wish me luck!   

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