October 14, 2013

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School day and I'm still happy!

  • This morning was a little less eventful than yesterday morning-so uneventful in fact that I don't remember much of anything that happened.  The kids were playing so well upstairs that I did hate to call them back down for breakfast.  It always seems like that is how things go around here-whenever things are going smoothly, it is time to eat, do school, leave or something that interrupts everyone's flow.
  • We had chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and then started school.  School went fairly well.  Just one Graham melt down because I wouldn't stop helping Reagan to help him.  I am eventually going to figure out how school can be peaceful with the kids silently reading as they finish their work while classical music is playing in the background.  A girl can dream, can't she?  Actually, that would be pretty spooky if it happened-school around here is loud, messy and a bit crazy.  But we do get it done, they are learning and I still like all of the kids (well, most of the time-kidding, kind of) so it is a good thing.
  • We finished a bit before lunch and then worked on our science-that is when things did fall apart this afternoon.  Things were going well until Reagan said "This is boring? When am I going to need to know about our bodies?"  I was none to pleased about that-but maybe learning about bile, the liver and chyme (partially digested food) is boring (and fairly gross).
  • The kids had a bit of free time this afternoon and I worked on my coupons (or lack there of).  I had not touched my coupon book in months and need to start back.  But just going to the store and spending money is so much more fun.  
  • Soon Robby called and said that Anderson's football game that was scheduled for Thursday was moved to today so we went to watch his practice game.  Reagan and Graham have their practice games on Thursday.  Anderson had fun tonight and said that he "was feet away from scoring a touchdown."  I am so glad that he is enjoying it.
  • When we made it home, everyone had showers and a quick snack before bed.  Anderson was designing a flag on the etch a sketch and didn't want to leave that and Reagan was working on her Bible study trying to finish last weeks and this weeks today!  

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