October 20, 2013

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Singing in big church!

  • Sunday morning and somehow we ended up with a few extra minutes this morning.  The kids had time to play upstairs-enough time that I had to re-comb the girls hair.  I even ended up doing some laundry before church-clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere I look around here.  
  • There happens to be a time vacuum around here.  If everyone is dressed and bags are packed and even shoes are on then it should just take about 10 minutes to get into the car.  But somehow today the time vacuum was turned on and it took us much, much longer than that.  We still arrived on time to church but did have to do a bit of scurrying.
  • After church, we headed home since Grannymom and Grandpa have left the state.  Well, not only did they leave the state, the have left the country and even the continent!  They will be back next week though.  Anyway, lunch was at home and afterwards we all went our separate ways.
  • Keaton took a nap, the big 3 watched a few movies, Robby and Campbell also had a nap upstairs and Whitman and I worked on getting out Keaton's winter clothes.  Her clothes are going to take me 3 hours to do (worked one hour pulling possible clothes out, another hour today putting some clothes up and hopefully, one more hour tomorrow finishing up)  I need to get that 3 hour time down by a few hours because that would mean I have 12 more hours to work-eek!
  • Now my Whitman wasn't too much help.  He can sit up well but now when I try to sit him up, he will straighten his legs and arch his back.  He does not want to sit down.  Whitman just wants for me to lay him down-I guess he figures that if he is laying down then he can roll where he wants to go.  But when he is sitting down, he is stuck right there.  
  • We had to go to church early tonight-the big 3 had choir, everyone else went to class and Robby and I went to a meeting (that served desserts-made me happy!)  Then we picked Campbell up for big church and she watched Graham then Reagan and Anderson sing.  
  • During baptism, Campbell asked if that was water up there and then she asked me if it was hot.  She thought they were in a big hot tub!  And when the kids finished singing, Campbell would give them the biggest hug when they entered our aisle.  
  • Now my Graham stood perfectly still, grinning from ear to ear singing his two songs.  And Reagan and Anderson did just as well singing their little hearts out.  Now we have missed the past 2 weeks of choir and I debated working on their songs at home.  Then I decided not to be an over achieving mom and figured they could learn them quickly tonight-and they did.
  • After church, Anderson took his picture with the preacher since we missed 1st grade Bible presentation.  And Reagan received her Hymn Kids medal from learning all of the hymns from last year.  
  • At home, the kids had peanut butter and tortillas for supper and then the ice cream truck came.  I did more laundry tonight and tried to get clothes laid out for the pumpkin patch tomorrow-good times!

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