October 28, 2013

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Everybody loves cotton candy!

  • Robby scurried off early this morning to go and pick up Grannymom and Grandpa and I was asked about 20 times during the day if they had gotten home yet.  I guess the kids thought Robby was coming back home after he dropped them off.  
  • It was nearly 9 when we started breakfast.  We have gotten back to our breakfast menu and though I did have a few complaints this morning with "cereal and fruit" from the list, there was no revolt so that was good.  Hope that continues with tomorrow's menu of grits and oatmeal.  That would be interesting, wouldn't it?
  • School went surprisingly well again today.  I am kind of shocked and a bit scared because I know that all good things must come to an end!  Even Graham today asked to leave the school room so he could concentrate.  Of course, I listed off many quiet places that he could go so he could finish his work.  I don't know what he did while he was gone but he had finished a few things so that was good.  Reagan leaves to read and do some of her work and I make Anderson leave the school room when it gets too loud so he can do some of his work.  
  • When we did finish school it did take a few minutes to pick everything up-someone (one of my boys) has cut each and everyone of my crayons in multiple pieces and since Keaton colored today, there were hundreds of crayons on the floor.  Just looking at the school room after school makes me a bit crazy (and speaking of crazy, no I didn't do any laundry today-Robby usually starts the loads before he leaves for work but he sure didn't want me to go insane as I mentioned yesterday on the blog!)
  • Even though Whitman was such a happy baby his morning, he has a cold.  His little nose is so runny that he is just pitiful.  He wasn't really even happy tonight when we were on our little outing but is sleeping soundly now.  But unfortunately, we will have to suck that little nose out before bed!
  • This afternoon, we spent over an hour going through 5 bins of the girls clothes.  The girls were good about picking out stuff and there are a few items that they will even have to share.  Reagan is a few sizes larger than Campbell in pants but Campbell is Reagan's size in tops.  So that is nice because if Reagan doesn't like a shirt-Campbell gets to wear it.  
  • And each time lately that we have worked on changing over clothes, Keaton finds herself something to wear and puts it on.  Today it was a black and white plaid pleated skirt that she could barely keep up with a pink size 7 long sleeve shirt.  She wore this for the rest of the day, during her nap time and had a fit when I pulled if off of her to put on her Halloween costume tonight.
  • Around 5, Robby called suggesting that we go to the Halloween thing tonight in Benton.  We had mentioned going but never decided so I was unprepared. But we scurried around-threw on costumes and were out the door in about 25 minutes-it wasn't pretty!
  • We met Robby and drove together.  They had different stores that were giving away candy-each line was a bit long but they moved quickly and the kids ended up with quite a haul.  They even had cotton candy that they enjoyed and had their pictures made with Santa and Ronald McDonald.
  • We picked up supper on the way home-the kids were getting tired and asking things like "is this our last stop?" and "have we had supper?"  Once Keaton was in bed, the big kiddos looked through their bag and even had a piece of candy before getting their teeth brushed.

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