October 18, 2013

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Early dress rehearsal...for Halloween

  • It was a fairly lazy morning around here and we didn't really move too quickly.  I am just about out of all breakfast foods around here and am nearing an early morning mutiny.  Thankfully, I did have a few boxes of cereal stored away so I did keep things calm for today at least.  I do have toast still to serve so hopefully my supplied can last until we make it to the store.
  • After breakfast we started on school.  I told Robby that today was one of the calmest days lately.  I tried to stay on the kids pretty hard about being quiet in the school room so the kids could do their work.  This week I have been trying to work at the kitchen table with whoever I am helping instead of in the hallway.  Seems that is might be working-this week at least.
  • Reagan and Anderson finished up a few things while Graham helped me pick up the school room.  Then he, Campbell and Keaton helped me make lunch.  Lunch today was served in muffin tins and since I called it a "snacky" lunch, everyone was happy.  Though I did make Reagan try a raisin from one of her muffin tins spots and she wasn't too pleased with me.
  • We read a bit after lunch and then everyone worked on laying out their Halloween costumes for tonight.  Keaton had two choices and tried both of them on.  I would show her herself in the mirror and she would just grin.  Later when it was time to put on the costumes, she kept saying "no" and shaking her heads.  Finally, Robby convinced her to wear one so she picked out the duck and I quickly put it on.  Poor thing was burning up by the time we left, 40 minutes later.
  • The kids begged us to dress up as something while they were putting on their costumes.  Robby told them that next year he might dress up.  Reagan looked at her Daddy who was wearing black pants and a button down shirt today (a change from the usual shorts and polo).  Then she suggested that he could go as a "preacher."
  • We took everyone's pictures of their costumes before heading off to the McGuire's house for supper.  Our costumes this year are a pumpkin, ninja, army man, lady bug, duck and a skeleton.  That is quite a few costumes!  It is funny but all of the kids were so happy to show off their wears to the others-Darth Vader, Captain America, Minnie Mouse, a witch, Dorothy and a princess.  
  • The kids had fun playing and I was quite surprised when everyone cleaned up their bowls of chili.  Whitman pretty much just sat in the floor watching all of the activities going on tonight-lots of kids running around and screaming.  Good, good times!

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