Disney World: October 8, 2013

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Vikings for a day!

  • We all slept very, very well last night and everyone seems to be perfectly healthy this morning.  So that is wonderful and we all started the morning off with breakfast and putting clothes on.  I did have to carry Anderson into the living room so he would wake up.  Soon though we were out the door in record time.
  • Epcot opened for Disney hotel guests at 8 but we still decided to head there today even though we would be later than the early crowd.  We actually ended up in line around 8:25 and waited until 9 to enter.  That was fine because it was nice and cloudy today (well, it was this morning and this afternoon it was fairly warm with occasional cloud cover-seriously, this is October!  Robby said we are coming in November next time.)
  • The first activity we did was take our picture with Pluto and then we rode the Epcot ball ride.  The kids have been so anxious to ride that so we can cross that off the list.  Then we ended up at a new ride for us-Figments Imagination (or something like that).  We have done something new at each park (except Animal Kingdom)-Figments Imagination, Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom and American Idol at Hollywood Studios. 
  • Next up Grandpa, I and the boys rode Soarin while the others rode The Land boat ride.  Then we switched with Whitman and Keaton joining Anderson and me for the boat ride.  Grandpa sat out of that one and Graham went with Robby for another Soarin ride.  Anderson was tickled when on the boat ride, Keaton made him put his arm around her.  I could tell he was pretty proud being a protective big brother.
  • Soon everyone was back together and we headed around to see the countries.  The sun was out now and we were pretty hot but found a shady spot in the back of the UK to eat our lunch.  There is a little shrubbery maze that the kids enjoy running around.  We pulled out lunch while the kids ran the maze and soon we were refreshed and ready to walk around the world.
  • We didn't really stop in the countries except in the American pavilion-and really why would you stop anywhere else but in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Actually, this is the food and wine festival and I am making mental plans in 18 years (when I have an empty next) to return and eat food from each and every country.  
  • Back to America, they had a little free coke place for holders of certain credit cards and since we are proud owners of them all, we stopped in for a quick beverage before going to the movie at the American place.  Usually, I use that stop as a quick nap but today I stayed awake (Keaton, Grandpa, Whitman and Campbell did have themselves a quick nap.)  Today I was too busy thinking that I should get a copy of that movie because it is American history in a nutshell.  Glad we can count today as a school day since we have done our history and some geography while walking around the countries.
  • After America, we walked on around the circle to the other countries.  We did take the boat ride in Mexico and then the other boat ride in Norway.  Yesterday my Campbell kept getting bravery and bravery on rides-first not crying, then making me move my arm off of her and finally raising her hands on the roller coasters.  Today was Keaton's turn-she is starting to really enjoy the rides.
  • Back on the mainland, we separated and the big 4 and Robby and I climbed aboard Test Track.  It is much improved and the kids loved it-this was Graham and Campbell's first time on that ride.  Keaton, Whitman, Grannnymom and Grandpa briefly stopped at the Coke place and then on to the front to wait for us.  
  • Even with our stop at the Coke place, it wasn't too long before we caught up with Grannymom and Grandpa and the others at the front gate.  We then headed to pick up pizza for supper and a short stop for a few groceries.  
  • Back at the house, the kids put on their bathing suits and then we had our supper before swimming for a bit.  The skies were getting dark so we were not too sure about the evening plans but either way we knew our day was not over (at least we hoped it wasn't over!)
  • We made our way back to Magic Kingdom tonight and it seemed fairly crowded.  The rain was still threatening so we made our way to the Tiki bird show.  We had never done it and it was dry so it was a win, win.  Keaton and Whitman loved this show.  Seriously, their little eyes were wide open and Whitman was looking straight up at the birds.  
  • Afterwards, we rode the Aladdin ride and then saw the Country Bear Jamboree.  It was another favorite of Keatons and everyone enjoyed it as well.  Not much to those two little shows but they are cute and a good little resting spot.  
  • Then we headed on down to use our Splash Mountain fast passes.  We saw the line for Thunder Mountain and it was just a 10 minute wait so we jumped in the line.  But we could quickly tell that the wait was much longer than 10 minutes.  So we opted to go and use our Splash Mountain fast passes instead of waiting since Grannymom had Keaton and Whitman at the nearby play area.  
  • I wish you could see our picture going down the fall at Splash Mountain.  Reagan, Graham and Campbell all were holding up their hands and Anderson also has his hands raised in the air but he is flashing the peace sign as well.  
  • When we finished the fire works were going off and we found Grannymom.  Keaton was not too thrilled about the fireworks at all but she was pretty brave about the whole thing.  So we walked along headed out of the park catching glimpses of the fireworks.  We did cut through a store and let the kids trade pins with a few workers.  
  • But here was our critical mistake-we did not wait long enough after the fireworks or we stayed to see the fireworks (Robby's thoughts) and then we got caught in a crazy line for the boat across the lagoon.  We had to wait for a while in a crazy line but finally made it on board.  By this time Keaton was asleep in the stroller, Whitman was asleep in the carrier and Graham was in the other side of the stroller.  Robby stayed down stairs with the stroller and we went upstairs to get away from the crowd once on the boat.
  • We sailed across and made it to our car in no time at all.  Then we made our way 7 miles back to the house.  Most everyone was asleep when we made it back to the house but everyone but Graham and Keaton were awake enough for a sip of milk and a cookie before bed.  Tomorrow will be a bit slower of a Disney day so maybe they can catch up on their rest a bit!  This vacation stuff is tough!

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