October 16, 2013

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  • Bedtime last night was not pretty so the kids were given a very stern warning about getting up or making any sounds before 7.  That warning worked and they were pretty quiet but a bit after 7 this place started moving.  The first child that I remember seeing in my morning stupor was Campbell.  She is hard to forget in the mornings because she has started taking off her shirt in the middle of the night like her brothers because she is hot.  Of course, she is not hot and when she crawled in bed with me this morning her little body was cold.
  • Robby passed out breakfast and soon we were on our way to Bible study.  On our way to Bible study, Keaton shouted out "bug!"  I looked around and then I saw a red vw beetle in another lane.  The kids were so impressed with her slug bug finding ability.  
  • You might think that I am nuts but I promise you that Whitman had the saddest look on his face when I walked out of his room.  His teachers did say that he was the youngest in their class but the best one-well, yep, he is a Dennie after all.  
  • My Keaton walked right into her class and Campbell had a blast in her class because she came home with seeds in a cotton ball filled baggie to hang on the window (as did the boys.)  On the way home, Anderson and Graham told me more about Jacob and Isaac than I have ever known.  And Reagan knew a few facts about the Antichrist.  I'll call that a pretty successful morning.
  • Robby had been home a bit this morning for a funeral and even caught a hint that I threw at him-he had our lunch ready and waiting when we made it home.  That so far has been the hardest part of Bible study this year-coming home with everyone starving and needing to make lunch, unpack and reload for later in the day.  
  • Whitman spent most of the day spitting up on himself and me.  We both changed clothes twice and he went through a countless number of bibs.  I don't know why he was spitting up so much but he was still in a great mood so no worries.  
  • This afternoon, I was holding Whitman and walked up the stairs.  The other kids were upstairs playing and Whitman knew this.  Whitman doesn't get to go upstairs and as soon as I stepped on those steps, he started kicking his feet and flapping his arms.  That boy was so excited-he must know something fun, loud and exciting happens usptairs.  Since he was so happy to be up there, I didn't think I would make him do the laundry that I had planned so I sat him down to play with the little people farm.  He gnawed on the toys and had himself a big old time.  He can really play now that he is sitting up well.  
  • Before too long, I was waking Keaton up from her nap and we were heading out the door again.  We visited Beebee this afternoon.  When she told Anderson to get the candy, Keaton ran to Beebee's closet, opened the door and tried to reach the high candy saying "I get it, I get it."  
  • The boys loved pushing Beebee up and down the hall and I do think this made her pretty proud.  The kids are already planning on coming back for Halloween-though they get candy (lots of it) from Beebee every week.  She did pass out their dollar bills and Graham and Campbell put their money in their plastic bags to give to the offering at church tonight.  This made Beebee pretty proud as well.
  • Next up was church which went very well and when we picked up Campbell-she brought her bag back.  It wasn't empty-it still had her dollar in it.  She gave the change as her offering but kept the dollar!
  • Back at home, we had a quick snack and then everyone went to bed-it had been a busy, busy day!

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