October 31, 2013-Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

  • The kids were ready to get this day started because they knew that it was certainly going to be a big day.  The first events that happened around here were getting Campbell ready for school and a breakfast of pop tarts.  
  • Campbell was again more than happy to go to school.  She knew she was having her fall party but she had no idea what that really was.  Robby said that when he showed up, they were eating cupcakes and they had a few games as well.  She even left with a goodie bag and could not have had a better time.
  • On the home front, I was making the leftover kids work getting ready for our company.  They cleaned the toy room and while they were cleaning it, Graham said "I hope our company doesn't make a big mess."  (They did indeed trash the toy room much to Graham's dismay!)
  • The kids did have a few minutes to practice their oral reports while I fed Whitman right before the company started arriving.  I could hear Reagan giving Graham pointers to slow down and look at people as he talked.  More on those reports in a minute.
  • When everyone arrived, we took a little group picture since everyone was wearing their Halloween costumes.  Then we had ourselves a neat Halloween snack (provided by Sara). She had made spider plates for everyone and then they made a circle of goldfish, two triangles full of raisins and a slice of cheese that made a mouth to create a pumpkin snack.  
  • Next up it was time for those oral reports.  I do believe that all of the kids improve each time they give them.  We had 3 reports on Columbus, one on pumpkins, the Ten Commandments and one on cactus.  We also had a pretty stirring report on Alyssa Kate's daddy (seriously, the moms almost started crying-she should have one proud daddy)  Then we had the 3 Dennie reports:
  • Reagan did hers on George Washington.  I was pretty proud that she read a couple of books about him and took notes.  Then with a bit of help she was able to put those notes in order for the report.  She weaved a silhouette of George and gave everyone a quarter so they could remember some of her facts about Washington.
  • Anderson talked about acorns and then he passed out acorns for everyone to eat-the acorns that we made yesterday.  I wish I would have been brave enough to roast some for everyone but I my cooking skills are fairly lacking.  
  • And my Grahammy did his on Chile.  My aunt is Chiliean and my uncle had sent him a few things on Chili that he showed everyone.  He was so proud to do his report and I really I'm pretty proud of my little kindergartner. 
  • After those reports, the kids played a bit.  Everyone was pretty wound up today but they all survived as did the house!  Sara also had a scavenger hunt for the kids.  The big kids had to find things like 3 ceiling fans, something with letters from their name, a screw or a nail.  And the smaller kids had to follow the picture clues to go to an object and then put a sticker from that place on their sheet (stickers in the microwave, stickers in the bathtub)  Of course all of the teams with Dennies on them came in first.
  • Next up was art with Jodee.  She taught the kids how to draw pumpkins and they all did really good.  So good that I am sticking their drawings into their save boxes.  And then it was a chili lunch for everyone complete with pumpkin shaped cheese.  
  • After a bit more playtime, Sara read a book while the rest of us passed out desserts and seconds to all of the kiddos.  And the grand finale was a cake walk!  Seriously, the kids loved it and they were thrilled when we would call their number.  My Campbell came up to me and said "please help me win."  Of course I "helped" her win-I was calling the numbers after all!
  • When all of our friends were leaving, I had the boys help carry everyone's food that we had collected for the rice depot.  We forgot to talk about all of that to the kids but hopefully they will remember going shopping for those items.  
  • Of course, after the party it was time to clean up the house.  My kiddos worked hard while we were working downstairs but when we made it to upstairs, their strength started to fail!  We were half way finished when Robby called from downstairs changing the afternoon plans a bit.  I ran around for a few minutes, throwing costumes into bags, gathering buckets and other bags and then we all loaded up for the afternoon and evening.
  • In the car, we mentioned that tomorrow was a school day around here and Reagan asked "when is our summer break?"  Seriously, we just started school and then we have been on two vacations since then.  The next odd question was from Graham and he said "Will Christmas be a workday for us and for Daddy?"  No, it will not be a school day but the day before and the day after Christmas will certainly be school days for us!
  • The first stop was the dentist-probably should have gone after Halloween.  Reagan has a back tooth that has turned pinkish so we had it checked out.  The dentist (who was dressed in bloody scrubs for Halloween) said that the permanent tooth was coming in behind that tooth.  He also said that since it was loose and since it didn't hurt there was no reason to worry about it.  Our cleaning is in just a few weeks so we will be back then to see if things have changed.
  • Then it was flu shot time.  Actually, it was flu mist time-only 2 Dennies need the flu shot.  Since this was Whitman's first time he had to have the shot and asthma boy Anderson also had to have the shot.  On the way there, Campbell was trying to comfort him and said "you will get a band aid."  That always makes things better.
  • We waited no time at all before they called us back.  One nurse gave everyone the mist and Keaton did have to be held down to do hers.  Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Whitman had his shot and before he could let out a squeal, the shot was over and I was picking him up.  Next up was Anderson-the nurse let him pick if he wanted the shot in his arm or leg and then he picked which leg.  The big boy pulled up his pants leg for her and even watched as she poked him.  He did great-great enough to need a drink from Sonic as a reward.
  • After the Sonic stop, we went to Grannymom's house for a few minutes.  The kids played for a bit and then they put their costumes on, went out the garage door and rang the front door so we could officially trick or treat.
  • Next stop was Nonna's house-we brought the pizza for supper and they supplied the candy for the trick or treaters that stopped by (mine).  After eating, we hit Nonna's neighbors and then we convinced everyone to load up and go trick or treating with us.  Jason, Nonna and Pops helped us fill up the van and off we went.
  • Pops enjoyed seeing all of the trick or treaters and the kids enjoyed trick or treating every house that we could.  We tried to keep the kids off the grass and make sure they said "thank you."  Let me tell you, my Keaton was the cutest thing saying "thank you" each and every time she went to a door.  She didn't hit many houses up since she kind of liked riding around in the wagon and didn't want to lose her seat. 
  • We did happen by the Brown's house and the kids loved the popcorn, candy and cotton candy.  After that stop, we walked right back to the car and headed home.  Robby said that the kids candy bags weigh at least 5 pounds each.  
  • After dropping off our passengers, we headed home for the kids to dump out their bags and look at all of their loot.  Robby told the kids that they could around 3 pieces.  So a few minutes later, Anderson said "I ate 4 because Daddy said that we could have around 3 and 4 is right next to 3."
  • We then tucked Keaton in and since Halloween is Robby's favorite holiday, he let the kids stay up and watch the Toy Story Halloween movie that was on a few days ago.  The kids were so exhausted when we let them finally go to bed!

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