Disney World: October 12, 2013

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'I've got this traveling thing down pat..."

  • Last night, Keaton coughed some before she went to sleep.  She has a bit of a cold like the others and actually coughed so much that Robby went to the car to get Anderson’s breather for her to use.  But once she was asleep we never heard anything else from her.
  • Well, we did hear from her once more.  As I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I heard a “roar” coming from Keaton.  I guess she was dreaming about some animal and let out a pretty loud “roar” in her sleep.
  • We also never heard anything from Whitman.  That boy never woke up when
    we got out of the car and then slept all night long.  He was the first one that I checked on this morning when I woke up-he was cuddled up sleeping like a...well, like a baby.
  • Sometime during the night, Campbell climbed in bed with us.  Then later I woke up and she was laying across Robby’s pillow and he was scrunched up at the bottom of the bed.  I tried to grab her foot to pull her closer to me but I couldn’t.  Robby woke up enough to say that he was fine and not to move her and back to sleep we all went.
  • The alarm went off at 6 and we stirred quickly and were in the car before 7.  The kids really wanted to eat the hotel breakfast but since the drive is long today, we didn’t think we could spare the time.  Of course they were “starving” so at the first McDonalds, Robby bought everyone breakfast.  I divided it up and passed it out and along down the road we flew.
  • Next up was a rest stop to stretch our legs a bit.  When we were there, we ran into some folks headed to Niagara.  We told them how beautiful it was there and then Robby and I were pretty thankful that we only had about 11 more hours to drive and not the zillion it would take to get to Niagara.
  • Our next stop was at a gas station and then we found an Arbys for lunch.  The kids watched a few movies, played on their kindles and were pretty okay about going home (and being in the car so long!)  
  • Robby said that Anderson was a bit bummed earlier in the day about going home.   Robby told him that we had been on our trip for 10 nights and he replied back “just 10 nights? That’s all?”  Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.  
  • After lunch we stopped at a rest stop and when we were pulling into it, Graham said “please say this is a national park.”  I love that little guy.  
  • And my Keaton took on the parenting roll while in the car this afternoon.  Whenever anyone would ask something or even start to say something, she would shout at them “no, no!”  Wonder where she learned that?  Also whenever she hears any sounds up in the front of the car-whether they be sounds of Robby getting ice, food wrappers or even me turning the pages of my magazine, she will start yelling “snack, snack.”
  • At one point, we had four kiddos sleeping and Reagan and Anderson were the only ones up watching a movie.  Reagan asked for a drink and I poured both of them something to drink.  I didn’t want to crawl back there to deliver it so I asked for “my favorite child” to come and get it.  Reagan, who knew I was kidding and didn’t want to come to the front of the van, pointed to Anderson.  Anderson lit up and said “am I your favorite?”  He was pretty pleased with my response “yes, you are one of my favorites.”
  • I believe that we had another stop to pick up supper and potty.  I ended up driving through Memphis again-blah!  When it was time for Robby and I to switch drivers, we could get no takers to go and potty so Robby and I just did a chinese fire drill at a stop sign.  
  • Keaton almost had to walk home though.  She started talking-well, using the few words she knows.  She would drink something and then start hollering at me “coke” meaning she wanted more.  Or she would say “cup” over and over wanting me to come and get her cup.  Or if traffic slowed, she would yell “go, go.”  After miles and miles of her talking, I finally remembered to put in one of her kiddie videos-that quietened her and also made Campbell happy.  
  • Sometime during the evening Campbell said something to me and I, not hearing what she said, agreed with her.  Later I found out that I had agreed to her spending the night in our room.  We quickly nixed that plan and she was not too pleased with us at all.  She kept telling me that she was sick and needed to stay in our floor.  I mentioned that I would give her some medicine to feel better and that made her very happy.  I meant to give her some good tasting zyrtec but since it was packed, all I could quickly find was cough and cold stuff which is nasty.  She gladly took it but made a pretty horrible taste as she swallowed the medicine.
  • Back to our drive, we drove by Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and Robby pitched their luggage out as we passed their house.  And soon we were home around 9:20.  We drove 922 miles today in 15 and a half hours.  Not too bad at all.
  • The kids went to bed easily, the car is unloaded, dishes washing, clothes are drying, clothes are washing and we only have a bit more to put away tomorrow.  
  • We drove 2,419 miles on this trip and since August 30th, we have put 8,140 miles on our little van.  I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get all the way across Florida so we could say that we had been to both coasts in two months.  

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