Disney World: October 5, 2013

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A Magical Day!

  • Who knows what all happened in the middle of the night around here-Graham said that he slept under his bed and Campbell ended up in our bed.  Our bed though is a king and it was huge, huge.  We really never even knew that Campbell was between us.  And very early this morning, our door opened and then closed-no one came in our door but someone's pajamas flew in.  Robby and I didn't stir until 7 and my babies, Keaton and Whitman could have slept and slept and slept.  
  • The kids had breakfast and by 8 we were loading up our little ice chest with the kids lunchables for lunch.  We opted for lunchables each day for the kids (total of 5 dollars a day) as opposed to 8 dollars for each lunch here at the park (total of 40 dollars a day).  And a lunchable for the Dennie kids is just about as exciting as this magical place. 
  • It was only about 10 minutes until we were at Magic Kingdom.  We drove right to our diamond parking lot and walked to the ticket place.  Picking up our homeschool tickets was easy breezy and away we went.  We rode on the boat across the lake and we were there in no time.  Keaton was pretty impressed with the boat ride.
  • Through the gates we went and we headed right to the castle.  Main Street was all decorated in Halloween attire and was pretty festive.  Robby headed off to get fast passes for a ride and we walked to the carousel.  We didn't ride the carousel-my plan was to ride something nearby but there wasn't really anything nearby.  I don't know if things have changed in that area here or if I am just confused with Disneyland (that is a pitiful problem to have.)  
  • So our first ride was Small World.  This iconic ride is a fav of my kiddos.  Whitman was so wide eyed on this ride that he fell asleep by the end of it.  Keaton could have rode it all day long.  And my Campbell is big enough to ride other rides but this is still more her speed.  
  • Next up was the Haunted Mansion and Anderson was the most spooked with this ride.  Then we walked on towards the Thunder Mountain Railroad to use our fastpass.   Robby, I and the 4 big kids rode this ride while Grannymom, Grandpa, Keaton and Whitman sat by the lake and had a snack.  As soon as that ride started, Campbell started screaming.  The poor thing-I don't think there is any way I can get her on the Tower of Terror.  She was practically hysterical screaming "Momma, Momma."  Now if she had been sitting by me she would have been screaming for her Daddy.
  • The line seemed decent so Robby said he would take the three that enjoyed the ride on it again.  So I took Campbell to Grannymom and I went to get us some waters to drink.  I had to walk forever away but came back in time to set the waters down and then ride the ride again with the three riders.  This was the highlight of their day.  And Robby and I couldn't figure out where the crowds were since we were just jumping on and off that ride.  The last time we were here was July 5th last year so that might have something to do with our crowd expectation.  Later we did find out that all of today's crowd was at Epcot.  
  • After Thunder Mountain we rode Splash Mountain.  Somehow Grannymom and Grandpa ended up on this ride and I don't know if they were too thrilled about it.  Campbell also ended up on it and she was not thrilled at all about it.  She started screaming early but I promised her that we would tell her before the big hill.  That did calm her some-not much though.  She did have fun on that ride.  I know she did, she may not know she did though.  Wonder if I will have to pay her therapy bill someday?
  • We found a perfect few tables for our picnic and started passing out lunch.  Everyone ate pretty well and enjoyed the down time.  After our break, we walked to Pirates and rode it and concluded our riding with the Jungle Cruise.
  • I enjoy that dry humor of the Jungle Cruise-even though the kids don't get half of what he says it is still pretty funny to the rest of us.  It being another one of the iconic Disney rides is really probably one of my favorites as well.  
  • We missed the afternoon parade that we seem to always run into-maybe we will see it another day.  The crowds were getting heavy so we marched right on back down Main Street to our boat and then to our van.  By 1:45, we were back at the house and by 1:46 the kids had on their bathing suits and were ready to swim.
  • We held them off a few minutes while we unloaded and repacked things.  Robby went to pick up a few groceries.  When Grannymom had on her suit we let the kids plunge in.  Campbell didn't last too long and was ready to get out of the pool.  She was pretty tired though she never rested this afternoon.  Keaton did swim a bit but soon we put her into bed for a nap as well.
  • When Robby came back, we unpacked his groceries and I started on supper.  He swan a bit and Whitman was getting a bit fussy.  They put him in the pool with Robby and he was as happy as he could be.  He is going to love the water because he immediately calmed when he was in the water.  
  • For supper, we had tacos, salad and beans and then it was back to Epcot for a bit.  Grandpa stayed back to cheer on the Hogs.  Epcot was very crowded but we still rode the Nemo ride and then went to see Turtle Time with Crush.
  • So my big 4 were on the front row during the Crush show and of course Graham was called on.  Crush asked what his name was and where he was from.  He answered well and then they asked him what he had done today.  Graham stammered a bit but then said that he "went to Disneyland, no Disney World."  Crush seemed shocked and said "you went to a whole new world?"  So then Crush wanted to meet Graham's parents and we both had to say our names.  Then Crush wanted to know how many kids we had.
  • Well, that answer seemed to shock the turtle.  He said that Robby and I must like to spend lots of time indoors and added that he was surprised we even made it to the show tonight.  It was quite entertaining.  After Turtle Time we walked through the aquarium area and then let the kids trade a few pins.
  • Reagan is the most into trading pins.  She really wants me to trade some too.  Campbell and Graham just trade them because that is what they think they should.  And Anderson kind of enjoys it.  Either way, it is good for them to learn to talk to other people and occasionally they end up with pretty cool pins.  Reagan did get a 2013 pin today and Graham found a neat Cars Land one when we were in California. 
  • Next up was meeting a few characters-Mickey, Goofy and Minnie.  Keaton just isn't ready to see the characters just yet.  Probably if we were too see a lot on this trip then she would warm up to them but I doubt we will stop for that many folks.  
  • The fast passes were gone for a few rides, The Land was closed and the line for the ball was too long so we just headed on back to the house.  We will be back at Epcot more so there is no reason to kill ourselves at any of the parks.  We may not even go tomorrow and just stay at the house and swim.  Kidding, tomorrow's plans are Animal Kingdom and then Hollywood Studios.  Another big day so I better get to bed.

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